THE Democratic Party says President Edgar Lungu will not survive, polically, even if he uses the 2016 formula of Christians for Lungu.

DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba says President Lungu is so desperate about Copperbelt, forgetting the damage he has caused.

In a statement, Kabemba said it was unfortunate that President Lungu could waste taxpayers’ money to just “come and jog” on the Copperbelt.

“Upon realising that the people on the Copperbelt have lost confidence in him, President Lungu has now turned to the Church. He is hoping he may use the 2016 formula of ‘Christians for Lungu’ to win 2021 elections, an effort that cannot be achieved,” she said. “We are aware that the President is coming to the Copperbelt today [yesterday] to meet pastors and later on have dinner and go jogging. When you look at this programme, it totally has nothing to do with any economic agenda for the Copperbelt.”

Kabemba said obviously pastors “cannot refuse when the Head of State demands to meet them”.

“But he should be meeting them with an agenda of development. What President Lungu should know is that the people on the Copperbelt cannot be played for so long. He should realise that it is the same youths that he cheated to create jobs for in 2016 and he has failed – and now he goes to the church,” she said. “It is the same women that are suffering that go to those churches. It is the CBU students and their families that go to those churches. Simply put, it is the people who are massively suffering on the Copperbelt that go to those churches. Hence they cannot be cheated anymore.”

Kabemba said if President Lungu was serious, he should come to the Copperbelt and talk about the Copperbelt University.

“If the President wants to visit the Copperbelt, his agenda should be to come and attend to fundamental issues affecting the people which include opening of CBU, creation of opportunities for the many unemployed youths, paying the workers that have not been paid for so long, paying suppliers and contractors from different sectors who have not been paid, attending to the issues in the mining sector and give miners what they want. The President should come and tell us what is next for our brothers, the Jerabos, who they now call scavengers after cheating them with a 10 per cent Black Mountain that did not yield any good fruit apart from killing them,” said Kabemba.

“Yes, many of his friends jog, but do they keep announcing it every Saturday as if it is creation of employment or industries? Why is it that when the President is committing economic sabotage such as buying fire takatakas [tenders], getting kickbacks on crude oil or buying jets, he does not announce to the nation? We advise President Lungu that there is nothing left for him on the Copperbelt apart from the remnant of Nathan Chanda, because even the PF MPs, mayors and most councillors are not with him anymore. The people are now with the DP. The Democratic Party has taken over Copperbelt and he should not further waste his time.”


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