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I understand many Zambians got offended by the ‘careless’ utterances made by Dandy Crazy in Samfya, but after watching the video for at least 5 times and listening carefully, I realized there was some truth in it. I am not an active politician, neither do I support any political party__ruling or not, but that does not prevent me from forming an opinion on any matter that appears to be ‘political’, in a rather non-political way.

To start with, if you are a member of any opposition political party in Zambia, it’s obvious that you did not even want to take time to pick any truth from the video. To you, it was all rubbish! So, I am not going to waste time trying to convince you otherwise because anyone who speaks in favour of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is your enemy! I also do understand that King Dandy, himself, had to make a public apology only to regain ‘acceptance’ from the masses when in actual fact, he did not target any specific individual in his prior remarks.

If we leave out the President, PF party, and King Dandy, himself, the truth is;

1. You are suffering because your father did not work hard enough to secure your financial future!

2. If your father did not secure your financial future, that should not prevent you from working hard and doing what he failed to do for you!

3. Parents are responsible for what their children become in life. We have seen how some parents have worked so hard and managed to produce doctors, lawyers, engineers, economists, successful entrepreneurs, etc. from among their children, while others have only passed on poverty and misery into the lives of their children.

4. Nobody owes you a good life other than your parents, and if they failed to make you ‘rich’ then it’s up to you to save yourself through hard work!

5. “It’s not about a certificate, it’s about your mentality.” Do not allow anyone to look down upon you just because you don’t have formal education and certificates. Do whatever you can to come out of poverty even if it means polishing people’s shoes or doing anything ‘legal’ that you can think of!

Those are some of the truths I managed to extract from the video. Personally, I inherited no wealth from my father, but that will not stop me from becoming successful in life if God allows it. The President is not responsible for my sufferings and challenges in life. He can only help me out of charity if he so wishes.

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  1. Jomach I appreciate your your writing concerning we Zambians but to say the least Dandys statement was mocking Zambians when they are wallowing in poverty . An average working Zambian cannot afford decent accommodation and meals.
    When I was in my teens in late 70’s and early 80’s I stayed in a neighbourhood where house servants were employed, getting good money and affording renting a house and their NPF paid.
    Today if people cannot afford decent meals how do they manage to send their children to school.
    The economy has collapsed hence the hardships
    This is food for thought for you bro Jomach


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