By Zambian Watch

They will be bloodshed if Patriotic Front tries to push me aside as I will run for the seat of presidency in the coming 2021,Elections, Kelvin Fube Bwalya declares.

“I will support the incumbent president till 2021 but I have a problem with Him going beyond 2021″.

KBF says ba president baseleko and give the mantle to him as he has failed and the governance levels is shrinking and has completely failed the zambians especially youths.

PF leaders should put aside there arrogance and pride with untouched altitudes and come out in the open to admit that they have indeed failed as you see how the economy is drowning, and the living cost of poor Zambians.

Things are not fine and bad,” mwe ma Zambians salapukeni”.

If the opportunists people around ECL are lying to you that things are okay then snap out.

With our information, it is true that KBF is and has been untouchable as he has been the rigging master mind of elections, now with this confusion, do we see PF exceeding 2021?

Mind you, losing people that have some secrets on your party can ruin and damage the very bed you sleep on.



  1. Hi KFB, I Hope you will find time to read my comment and respond though the same forum. A lot of people have given up completely because the whole governance system has collapsed or is non existent, that includes the Rule of Law and the enforcement system as you rightly said. What we have in place is a patronage system which is so badly entrenched and can’t be reversed within the remaining time. Lungu can go away but the structural problems and patronage sstems will still remain. I have listened to your presser and encouraged their still people with a high calibre of thinking, integrity, high morals and vision in PF and Zambia.

  2. The task is very enormous and will require a lot of effort and the right people to achieve it. Right now I am not sure you can find enough of the right people to fight this malease. Lungu and his PF government have collapsed all the governance institutions it will require firing all retiring all if not most of the civil service. The PF, and all the governance and security services are all run on the basis of patronage. Is there time to reform all these before 2021?? Lungu’s governance in 4 years has not just collapsed the national economy, but also citizenry’s morals, ethics and integrity. Having said that, don’t you think that you also contributed from the collapse of the Rule of Law by way of assisting Lungu at the convention at Mulungushi. The chaos and disregard of the rule of law started from there. After Mulungushi, there has never been any looking back and nothing could stand in the way.

  3. The issue here is not changing uniforms but changing people with good idiologies, practicle work plans and in this case l say the whole entere PF leadership.
    You can not trust people like GBM who is after making money just because he is good at insults and talks rubish then we congratulate him ati he is inshimbi.
    He is isembe lya mukuba who can not bring change in governance.


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