Dear Editor,


These elections are not about HH winning or losing, HH wins and loses nothing. If Zambians don’t take personal responsibility to change things, HH can’t do it alone. We might be stressing about suffering corruption, brutality and institutional tribalism kanshi they are happy. If people want, they can remove Edgar Lungu even today. Kenneth Kaunda was forced to cut off his term office by the people movement. Here ati HH this HH that. Let them suffer if they don’t act collectively. For me and my household, I have grown enough maize here in Mkushi even if it doesn’t rain for three years.

Look at our brothers and sisters in Western Province, daily being mocked, being removed from jobs in national interest, totally impoverished without any development, yet they go and vote for PF. They sell their voters’ cards and NRCs in exchange for Chitenge, T shirts and mealie meal! What for!

I see a lot of people on Facebook sounding very intelligent and yet these same people are never seen in all these by elections.
Winning elections and changing the course of the nation is all about what we do as individuals. While these same people were busy on Facebook criticising HH, the disaster management and mitigation unit, ministers and district commissioners where in these wards dishing out mealie meal and and hard cash to impoverished communities.

We must all get involved and get off our comfort zones and get on the ground to get a results we need not pointing fingers. If it’s not for us, it’s for our children and their children’s children. Stop blaming HH!

Steven Mvula



  1. Pf has won 10 out of 15 ward seats in the by elections held recently in mostly opposition strong holds and you say pf is not popular. UPND is popular on facebook. To be honesty HH is losing in 2021

    • pf how much money have you spent on by-elections during the time you have been in power? If all that money spent, first to buy the councilors, then holding the actual elections was pumped into Agriculture and manufacturing, there would be no hunger and unemployment.
      No wonder the country is broke!

  2. Well spoken my brother, HH as already stated has nothing to lose because he has everything an individual can ask for, the biggest loser is the poverty stricken individuals in the rural setup. The fight is not for HH alone but for every Zambian who can not afford a decent life due to high mismanagement of this great Nation by Lungu and his minions. I can assure you that if PF continued ruling this country beyond 2021 most Zambian if not all will be reduced to nothing and this will be recipe for ………..

  3. You are on the spot Mr. Mvula. Truly speaking 2021 general elections or an election between now and August 2021 should not be about HH this or that. Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has nothing to lose. All these fat frogs croaking about HH have nothing to offer to Zambians except for petty jealous of HH because they never realized how prudent and intelligent the incoming Zambian President is. Us Zambians should take responsibility to the governance of our country. If people will offer their votes for a 10kg bag of m/meal, then we are heading nowhere as a nation.

  4. 10kg of mealie meal for a vote?shame.10kg lasts only for four days compared to 60 months in a year.wake up fellow Zambians and stir the ship in the right direction.


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