MAKING changes and reshuffles is inevitable but these are useless reshuffles, says Chishimba Kambwili. President Edgar Lungu has made reshuffles to his cabinet, moving higher education minister Professor Nkand Luo to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

He fired sports minister Moses Mawere and has appointed Ndola Central member of parliament Emmanuel Mulenga to take over from Mawere.

The President moved Minister in the Office of the Vice-President Sylvia Chalikosa to the Ministry of Works and Supply and her counterpart at the same ministry Mutotwe Kafwaya was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Isaac Chipampe said other ministers who have been transferred include higher education minister Professor Nkandu Luo to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, while transport and communication minister Dr Brian Mushimba moves to the Ministry of Higher Education.

He said Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela moves to the Ministry of Tourism and Arts while Charles Banda moves to the Ministry of Local Government in the same capacity.

Chipampe said local government minister Vincent Mwale has since been transferred to the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development.

He said fisheries and livestock minister  Kampamba Mulenga Chewe moves to the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services while her counterpart at the same ministry Olipa Phiri has been transferred to the Office of the Vice-President in the same capacity.

Chipampe said President Lungu had appointed Dr Francis Chipimo as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia with immediate effect.

He said President Lungu wants to rejuvenate the performance of his ministers because overstaying in one position might affect their performance.

“The President has also observed with concern that some Ministers have not been visiting their constituencies regularly to ensure government projects and programmes are implemented and monitored. The President said if this is allowed to continue our citizens will believe that government has abandoned them and therefore, the President has urged all Ministers to ensure they visit their constituents regularly. The President will not hesitate to part ways with ministers who will not improve their performance,” said Chipampe.

Commenting on the reshuffles, Kambwili said, “This one is a useless reshuffle because we don’t know what the man wants to achieve.”

“This country is bleeding financially and economically, what is required now is change at the Ministry of Planning. The young man who is at national planning is not taking us anywhere. That position needs a well qualified and experienced economist. And in my view, if President Edgar Lungu meant well, he could have appointed [Sebastian] Kopulande in the Ministry of National Planning because since [Lucky] Mulusa left, the Ministry of National Planning has not been doing anything,” Kambwili said.

“So I don’t know what he wants to achieve. Fine Ministry of Education, I would say he has done well because ba mayo (our mother) became very arrogant to the extent that the university was closed. Up to now it still remains closed without sorting out the problem. Remember I warned ba mayo, my sister, arrogance will lead her into temptation.”

Kambwili said he does not know what President Lungu want to achieve with the other appointments and reshuffles.

He said for him, the Ministry of National Planning needed a proper person in there.

He also said the Ministry of Commerce was another institution that was dead.

“Because if we cannot see new industries coming on board, if we can’t see manufacturing industries, we have become a dumping ground, we are just bringing shopping malls as development, we needed to rethink about that ministry. If this economy has to start performing, that ministry needs to be revamped,” Kambwili said.

He urged President Lungu to relook at the Ministry of National Planning because there was nothing happening there.

“Let us not have people as figureheads who cannot do anything. If you compare the input of Mulusa and the input of the minister who is there, on a rating, it’s one out of 100,” Kambwili said.

He said at Ministry of Infrastructure Development there were many problem and that some people did not need to be reshuffled but to be removed.

“But we know that our President, it’s who he eats with. If you don’t eat with him, you have the boot; if you eat with him, just a reshuffle is enough,” he said. “It’s a mafia government led by a mafia and the people of Zambia must stand up to this nonsense and say enough is enough. The entire team must go come 2021. Lungu must be given a retirement by the people of Zambia.”

Kambwili said the ministries of commerce, trade and industry and national planning were cardinal for economic emancipation of the country.

Kambwili said the other reshuffles and appointments were inconsequential.

“I don’t know what the man wants to achieve. And my young brother Mulenga, he is always been fighting with the youths over black mountain in Chingola, he was involved in the black mountain in Kitwe and now the KCM dump yard in Kitwe, he is fighting with them. Now you go and appoint him as minister, where does that leave the youths?” Kambwili questioned.

He said Mawere deserved to be moved.

“Look at the embarrassment! You go and remove Kalusha Bwalya, who is an icon, well-known, you go and take somebody else, he goes and gets 12 votes. When we spoke about these things, people thought we were mad but look at the results! And people want to pretend that it’s business as usual, no, Zambia has lost an opportunity to be represented because of selfishness. And all those who were involved in the Kalusha Bwalya saga must be punished together with the minister,” Kambwili said. “You know at international organization level, you earn your eminence as you continue serving. Kalusha Bwalya had earned his eminence, he was known all over the world, you go and bring somebody who is not even known in the football circles, you remove somebody who has earned his eminence, no Mawere needed to be removed.”

Kambwili said if one looked at all the members of parliament of the PF, only two people could try at Ministry of National Planning – Kopulande and Given Lubinda.

He said for one, there was need for someone with a legal background at Ministry of Justice after the nonsense of National Dialogue Forum.

“And PF has enough legal minds, they’ve got the young man from Eastern Province, he can be Minister of Justice, let’s not start playing with positions because they just have to be figureheads, no, no, no,” he said.

“And I want to warn the people of Zambia, the UPND and all the MPs that what PF has said that they are not going to support those provisions in the constitution (coalition government, deputy ministers) is deceit; they are deceiving them. And you know why they are deceiving them, I am so disappointed that the people of Zambia can believe that rhetoric.”

Kambwili explained that when one wants to make constitution amendments, they introduce two bills – one requesting Parliament to look at the amendments, which require a two-third majority.

“Once that first bill passes, you now introduce the actual constitution amendment bill, it’s simple majority on all the clauses. Pf does not mean well. You heard last time Lubinda was saying it is only Parliament that is legally given the mandate to legislate? Meaning therefore that once the UPND are blind-folded,  they are hoodwinked to believe that they (PF) are not going to support those amendments, they accept to introduce the amendment bill by virtue of the first bill, which needs two-thirds majority, the PF will instruct their MPs to support all the amendments and at the end of the day they will say we as PF we gave our position but it’s the MPs and we cannot blame them because nobody has the right to instruct the MPs,” Kambwili said.

He pleaded with all MPs not to support the amendments.

He said if the government was genuine, it should allow Lubinda to remove all amendments they say they would not support in the draft bill and take a new amendment bill.

“As long as they are going to take the amendment bill in the form it is, just know that they are hoodwinking the people so that UPND and independents can accept the first bill that allows the introduction of the amendment bill. Otherwise, if they want to believe this rhetoric, they will be met with a lot of surprises, the PF will pass the NDF bill as it. Ukwali nsoke takwafwile bantu (where people are warned, no one dies); you cannot trust Lungu,” said Kambwili. “If indeed he was not happy with the NDF resolutions which were taken by Minister of Justice, he should have also reshuffled him but he is keeping him there to make sure that all those NDF resolutions go through. Please honourable MPs don’t disappoint the people of Zambia. Don’t accept the first bill. That’s how we killed NCC as PF, we refused the first bill and everything collapsed.”


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