By THE PUNCH Reporter,

ZAMBIA Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has maintained that the over K1m shortfall of the money that was stolen from Europa Casino was shared by thieves and not by police as being alleged by some online media. Thieves stole K1,200,000 and $3,000 on 25th November but a few days later two of the suspects were apprehended and only K145,000 and the $3,000 recovered.


But in spite of Katongo’s refusal, some police insiders have insisted that the Zambian Watchdog story that stated that senior cops shared the money is indeed true. They told THE PUNCH in a confidential interview “It is not possible that within two days the thieves can exhaust K1,155,000 and if it is a case of sharing as madam Katongo wants to make you guys believe, why are the dollars still intact? The whole thing is that the junior guys recovered huge sums of money but when they took it to the superiors, the bosses got some and under-declared.

These things are common in the police and if you recall the Chibombo accident matter and again there was another robbery case in Central province where cops shared the money,” said our highly placed informer who sought anonymity.


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