Hon. Romeo Kangombe


1. Firetenders ($1m apiece)

2. Lusaka-Ndola dual road system $1.2b instead of $450m.

3. Landcruiser Ambulances at $288k apiece instead of $78k

4. Michael Chilufya Sata toll gate (K51m)


5. Presidential Jet ($68m)

6. Withholding of truth on the gutting of City Market

7. Death of NDC’s Obed Kasongo

8. Death of UPND’s Mapenzi


9. Unfortunate death of Vespers Simunzhila

10. Stolen gold in Mwinilunga involving suspected PF officials and cadres

11. Questionable acquittal of Hon. Ronald Chitotela

12. Amos Chanda’s nolle prosequi


13. Hounding out of opposition leaders in Chiluba during a by election

14. Hounding out Dr. Kambwili from Power FM Studios in Kabwe by PF cadres

15. Failure by the state to disclose perpetrators of criminal gassing

16. Closure of The Post newspaper


17. Closure of Prime TV

18. Attack on her RH Chieftainess Nkomeshya and stealing food prepared for guests by PF cadres

19. Recent invasion of a radio station in Mpika by PF cadres.

20. Violent attack of a radio station in Eastern Province by PF cadres.


21. Killing of an innocent school going boy by ZP during gassing period.

22. Going to attend UNGA in US with PF cadres and functionalities like Mumbi Phiri and Bernadette Deka, and musicians like Mampi, Macky 2, by President Lungu in 2016 at taxpayers’expense.

23. Borrowing excessively for consumption


24. 48 houses

25. Failure to arrest and charge Hon Lawrence Sichalwe for circulating obscene material in a WhatsApp group.

26. Blacking out of opposition from ZNBC and all other public print and electronic medias

27. PF involvement in KCM

28. Fake Cheap Saudi oil promise


29. Arrest of whistle blowers in Mukula scandals

30. Abnormal loadshedding

31. Abnormal depreciation of Kwacha against other convertible currencies

32. High cost of living

33. High unemployment levels

34. High cost of borrowing


35. High cost of doing business

36. High poverty levels

37. High cost of electricity Tarrifs



  1. Honourable we Zambians easily forget 38mealie meal our staple food,39cooking oil,40sugar,41high school fees,42no medical supplies in hospitals and clinics,43late pension payment and 44failure to empower peasant farmers to own land,in short total crippled economy.

  2. Thank you Hon. for reminding us on how they have destroyed the country. You have my vote and that of His Excellency HH

  3. Comment: That’s true, I hope other concerned citizens of this country will also remember that. Our last hope is 2021 …after that if we make a wrong decision we shall suffer more than what we going through now. God have mercy on us


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