This is Kennedy Kamba a Patriotic Front former Lusaka province Chairman seen enjoying stolen money in South Africa.

Mr. Kamba a grade seven drop out today has successfully managed to buy a mansion in South Africa worthy $28 Million.

Not only does he own this mansion, Mr. Kamba also have 9 complexes of flats Each housing at least three flats dotted in Chalala, Ibex Hill, New Kasama and Kabulonga.

He also have 360 plots in Lusaka province, he has 38 Ford Ranger,12 Range Rover, 16 X5 BMW, 32 Toyota Hilux.

Not only that, Mr. Kamba has 52 Hiace Minibuses operating as commuter in Lusaka.

What is more Surprisingly, is that Mr. Kennedy Kamba did not have any business before he became PF Lusaka chairman.

In some of the pictures, Kamba is seem enjoying himself like at his Mansion sweeming in South Africa, he can now afford to go in game parks and hunt.

Our interest is not Mr. Kamba. We just wanted to highlight something impontant.

If Mr. Kamba a grade seven drop out can have all these assets, What more those learned one’s in PF today? How much do they have? Yes some of you PF sympathizers will insult us for not having these propeties.

It is true we don’t have such kind of properties like Mr. Kamba but this is worrying to us. This kind of wealth and the expense of Zambians is not good.


  1. Such people can kill so that PF continues in power…if Kamba can have such wealth,how about Kaizer & King Mutaware himself? I will not be shocked to learn that the King owns planet Mars?

  2. This is pure rubbish reporting by the Observer. Go back to college to learn about professional journalism. fake

  3. The country is gone. Looters ruling what do you expect? Still there are people like Mwachisompola supporting these economic saboteurs. Shame. One day, no matter how long these plunderers will be brought to book.

  4. Nothing is permanent on earth ! only time will tell. One day is one day , who knew that R.G Mugabe will one day be addressed as ‘FORMER PRESIDENT?’

  5. The writer is fake. Come think. Can you own 38 Ford Rangers, 52 mini buses. These are lies. Too much exaggeration in this report.

  6. Mwachisompola, the writer claims to have facts about what he claims and has even shown what looks to be pics pertaining to the loot by Kamba. Prove them wrong instead of speculating. PF are blood suckers, leeches.

  7. have not seen ecl 2021 how many are they? then say the writer if you the number keep quiet . the agument is how did he get the many and instead of buying in y rsa. wake zambian this stolen money.


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