Leave prisoners out of it. Nothing justifies for those who are condemned to death by hanging to be allowed to exercise the right to vote. This is clearly a moral issue.

Those pushing for prisoners to vote have not made a good convincing case for their argument on prisoners voting save for using underhand methods by abusing the moribund and compromised electoral commission to be insisting on prisoners voting.

Arguably it is generally agreed by principle that it is only a free man with a free conscious who should vote.

A prisoner is a state captive held to ransom by the state for crimes committed and therefore can only be dictated to on what must be done without any further questions to the authorities.

And this is where the problem of allowing prisoners to vote lies.

Arguably a man held captive and cowed into submission by reason of a criminal conviction cannot reasonably be expected to exercise his free will and judgment to vote as he wishes as he is subject to control and intimidation.

We think that it is absolutely wicked to exploit the vulnerability of prisoners to remain politically relevant to the national political discourse.

Clearly, it is a case of exploitation of prisoners by potential prisoners themselves (politically exposed persons) trying to escape liability and saving their own skins by using prisoners to escape going to prison for the transgressions committed against the Zambian people.

Arguably all the inflated votes that will come from prisoners will be undoubtedly be translated for the benefit of the potential prisoners themselves. That’s what this is all about.

This is a clear case of potential jailbirds deciding to cannibalise on the vulnerability of prisoners.

We must condemn this behaviour and outright moral bankruptcy and desperation to cling onto office.

The question of prisoners voting should be rejected as it was done in bad faith and only meant to take advantage of the vulnerability of prisoners shamelessly.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC



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