Lusaka- 20th February, 2020 Three male persons have been murdered today 20th February,2020 between 07:00 to 08:00 hours in Munyumbwe.

The following identification documents bearing the following particulars where found on them:

Gabriel Melenga NRC 970053/11/1,Charles Banda Passport Number ZN 48434 and Timothy Hakuyu NRC 181051/75/1.All are believed to have come from Lusaka whilst driving a Toyota Prado Beige in colour Registration number ALD 7621.

They had been booked at a named lodge since Monday 17th February, 2020 at about 22:00 hours in Munyumbwe with a mission of forming an NGO and were to recruit One Thousand Six Hundred youths.

They met their fate when they were driving from the lodge and later encountered an agitated mob then later decided to drive back to the lodge for safety. They parked the motor vehicle and ran for safety in their rooms,the mob followed them,dragged them out of the rooms by way of damaging the doors and started hitting them with all sorts of objects.


They were later taken to the bottom road where it joins into Gwembe- Chipepo road on the tarmac with the intention of setting their bodies ablaze but failed. The bodies were left on the tarmac. The vehicle was completely burnt leaving only metal frames.The three bodies have been transferred to monze mission hospital mortuary.

Rae Hamoonga
Deputy Police Spokesperson


  1. This what you started, PF, Lungu. And your president is quiet. People dying like chickens. People killing freely. The PF must go. We can’t have that condons such levels of insecurity in the country. If they can’t protect citizens, they must go. PF must go.

  2. The situation is alarming. The govt. needs to declare a state of emergency and enforce a dusk to dawn curfew immediately.How many more lives will be lost? How many lives have been lost to gassing? The perpetrators of the Gwembe murder must be arrested immediately.
    Zambians .this is no time for blame gaming.Its time to arise and stop this killing of innocent lives. The population needs to be aware that no death has happened and most of it are just rumours.

  3. There seems to be only one answer to the current breakdown of law and order; early elections! I urge the president to choose peace instead of flexing military muscle on the people he purports to be protecting. Mr president accept the your own failure in governance and do not cover up this failure with brutality. It would evil and all your prayers will be in vain. The people are your most precious ‘commodity’. Please learn to be selfless and empathetic.


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