Maxwell Chongu

Mr. Victor Mundende ZESCO MD.

Greetings to your Sir,

Mr. Mundende you may wish to know that the main reason why we as the Grassroots worked really hard prior, during campaigns and elections which saw our party PF retain power is because we stayed for 10 years in opposition and whilst in opposition we kept on admiring the MMD YOUTHS enjoying both business and employment opportunities from ZESCO.

Let me make mention that during our struggle, we sacrificed every little we had including the comfort of our homes, love life, families to spend sleepless nights in very uncomfortable and uncompromising circumstances just to make sure PF wins so we may also enjoy the same privileges like our friends in MMD were doing from ZESCO.

However its sad to say that we are still receiving the same treatment we received from ZESCO whilst in opposition by being reduced to mere spectators seating in the terraces when it comes to both business and employment opportunities.

We are not saying our cries for both business and employment opportunities should compromise the service delivery of our biggest power utility company no, but we believe there certain businesses and jobs that are not too technical and can be of great help to our grassroots.

Sir, we are seeking for audience with you not as individuals but as a group to discuss certain modalities which can be used to improve the welfare of the grassroots through your organization.

Mr. Mundende sir, you do understand that in Lusaka we do not have dump sites or black mountains like our friends on the copperbelt which can offer quick economic solutions to our YOUTHS and its for this reason that we look at ZESCO as our very own black mountain here in Lusaka province as YOUTHS.

Mr. Mundende sir, its very unfair to see that already established and rich people are being in the forefront of the following businesses from your institution which if given to the grassroots would be of great help in terms of improving the welfare of our YOUTHS.

The following are some of the businesses which if channeled to our National Youth Executive will greatly help our grassroots.

1.. Bush clearing

2 .. Supplying of protective clothing

3.. Supplying of bolts and nuts

4.. Power lines maintenance

5.. Supplying of Zesco poles

6.. Supplying of safety shoes

7.. Supplying of stationery

8.. Supplying of hardware

9.. Cleaning services

10.. Supplying of cleaning materials

11.. Supplying of building materials.

12.. Supplying of work suits

13.. Supplying of cables

14.. Supplying of pipes

Surely the list is endless but its unfortunate to see that priority number one by your procurement department is giving such jobs to the already established and rich people.

Its my great hope, trust and faith that somehow this write up will reach you since all avenues to see you seems to meet dead end hence my resolve to use this channel.

Please don’t treat it as a matter of disrespect its just that your office is not approachable as evidenced with our relentless efforts in bringing such matters to you.

Looking forward to your favourable response.




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