Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) executive director Wesley Chibamba has been sued for divorce by his wife, Moono Moonga Chibamba, an employee of Barclays Bank Zambia.

Ms Moono, a Complaints Officer at Barclays Bank Zambia, has asked the Lusaka High Court to dissolve her 10-year marriage to Mr Chibamba on grounds that the two have not lived together as a couple since 2016 and that there is no hope of them reconciling and resuming cohabitation.

She filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in the Lusaka High Court principal registry, stating that she was lawfully married to Chibamba at the Registrar of Marriages Office in Lusaka on July 24, 2009 after which they resided at ZRA flats along Airport Road in Lusaka.

The couple later moved to New Avondale at at house number 703, where they last lived as husband and wife until August, 2016.

She stated that she currently lives in Madido, Chelstone in Lusaka while Mr Chibamba resides at an unknown address in Chelstone .

The couple, according to the petition, have two children aged 12 and eight.

However, Mr Chibamba has another child aged three.

The petitioner contends that her marriage to Mr Chibamba has broken down irretrievably with no hope of reconciliation and that the respondent, Chibamba, consents to a decree being granted.

Ms Moono has prayed that the court dissolves her marriage to Mr Chibamba and that they be granted joint custody of the two children of the family with primary residence with the petitioner.

On the couple’s house in Chamba Valley, the only property subject to settlement, Ms Moono has asked the court that it should be held in trust for the children of the family.

She has stated that each party must bear their own costs.



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