By logic Lukwanda
As the constitution amendment bill number 10 comes up for second reading in parliament tomorrow, transparency international Zambia-TIZ- has asked all well-meaning members of parliament not to vote for enactment of the law.

Speaking at a media briefing held alongside other civil society organisations in Lusaka this morning, TIZ executive director Wesley chibamba said bill 10 is wrong and not in the interest of Zambians as it reduces all gains made in the constitutional refinement processes in the past.

Mr Chibamba lamented that the bill should be rejected as it makes it easier for the ruling party to manipulate elections and election results as well as increasing presidential powers while weakening the powers of parliament and the judiciary.

He added that if bill 10 passes into law, Zambia will become a one party state.
Among the civil society organisations that attended are action aid Zambia, chapter one foundation, zithukule consortium, caritas Zambia, gears initiative Zambia, law association of Zambia, Zambia congress of trade unions and several activists and stakeholders against the enactment of bill 10 into law.



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