Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda


Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says the Tonga Speaking people are backward and behind the six (6) ZESCO poles reported to have been burnt down in Eastern province in a case of sabotage as reported by the Government Media.

This is according to the intercepted Conversation from the PF whatsApp group by Zambian Watch.

Mr. Chanda says Tongas are backward and have now started burning down ZESCO poles in Eastern province.

But ZESCO says 6 poles have even before one in Southern province was brought down been burnt by the people in different districts of Eastern province.

Chanda however says Tongas are backward and they are the ones bringing down poles in Eastern province.

Yesterday 6 villagers in Petauke of Eastern province burnt down a ZESCO pole and area village headman said that the 6 could have burnt it down on grounds that the pole was put in their farm or field adding that he will question them.


  1. Awe mwamubepeshafye. Nowhere in that message is Chanda mentioning Tongas. But it looks like this is what the reporter wants him to say. Mulekeni umwine wakaele

  2. @ Jata, not sure if this Chanda is ok, because the Bembas even have a phrase for cutting down trees,
    “Chi temene”! Maybe there is one in Tonga, please advise!!!!

  3. Such accusations are unfair on the part of tonga speaking people. only God knows the truth and one day the truth shall be reviewed . Tongad must be blessed people and very soon they will be liberated from such evil thinking people like Mr Chanda Nathan. God is for us all .


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