Holymax wrote:
“The moment I did set my eyes on #MUZOALPHONSO this morning, I had to shed tears because I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw.😭😭

MUZO IS NOT AT ALL IN GOOD SHAPE and it was terribly difficult for me to talk to him neither could he recognize me. Henceforth, I had to take him to the restaurant and bought some food for him. In order for me to just have a good talk with him🙏.

A WEEK AGO SOMEONE PHONED ME, she was like HOLYMAX are you aware that Muzo Alphonso napena (mental disorder) and he is in Kasama, I couldn’t believe, I tried to call Muzo unfortunately his lines weren’t going through. I also tried to call Masereti and King Deza but to no avail 😭😭

So I had to travel to Kasama and finally this morning when I reached there, I did witness everything that was spoken on phone.226470271_4109954229122571_799174719189258349_n

FIRST AND FOREMOST ALLOW ME TO BLAME HIS MANAGER WHO IS MANAGING HIS MUSIC, he/she knows that Muzo is not oka, but he has kept quiet without telling the Public and using his page as if everything is okay.❌

Some good weeks ago, it was written on Muzo’s page as I quote “Bakemba Bonse Tuli Mashilu”. End of quote.‼️

His manager wouldn’t allow such kind of a post to be written more especially now that Muzo is not okay

Let’s help MUZO, this guy needs spiritual help.”

Credit :Holymax223712062_344915687114550_3247845815457121285_n





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