There was commotion at Kamchila sports grounds in Naviruli on Tuesday when a youth undressed during a public meeting after his pair of trousers caught fire following an explosion of a phone battery that was in the pocket of his trousers.

After an explosion, the youth panicked to take off his burning pair of trousers that was burning on the pockets and the thigh and only remained with a boxer that had been saved from burning.

This was during a meeting at Kamchila sports grounds that had been organised by PLAN in Chadiza for the purpose of providing a feedback to the community on the written guidelines they had drafted to stop early marriages and cattle herding in the area.

And commenting on the matter, Chief Mlolo’s Induna Chimsolo Francis Banda and Chitsadzi 2 Anastazia Phiri warned people in the area especially the youths against the habit of boost charging of phone batteries.

The Indunas explained that the wires that people use to boost charge easily cause short circuits and end up causing accidents as one witnessed during the meeting.
They warned that such accidents can be avoided if people do the right things; adding that carelessness with the phone battery charging can make people to lose lives and property.

On Tuesday 20th November last year quick action by a Sinda medical staff at Sinda Zonal Health Centre saved a girl from getting burnt after her skirt started burning when her phone battery exploded whilst in the pocket.

The incident happened around 08:00 hours as patients who were at the registry shelter waiting to be attended to, scampered for their lives.

he panicking girl failed to remove the skirt until a male medical staff went to her rescue and pulled down the skirt; and luckily the girl was wearing a pair of shorts and her body was not burnt by the fire.

The skirt, phone battery, phone’s circuit panel continued burning on the ground where they had been thrown.

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