‘IT was not easy ……..but it was worth it. I reached a point where I started thinking that what if both of us died here in India, who will
keep our three children! But I drew my strength in prayer and my favourite verse 1 John 3:16……. I did it for him and the children!’

These were some of the scary thoughts that gripped the mind of a Lusaka woman, Mulenga Mowa, a teacher, who donated her kidney early
this year to save the life of her husband.
It all downed on her that her husband needed a kidney transplant when the couple was told that both kidneys were damaged.

This was during the couple’s visit to Coptic Hospital mid last year.
Mulenga described this day as a dark cloud. It was an emotional day for both of us.
“As for me, I thought this was the end of me seeing my husband Benjamin Mowa, and at some point I visualised myself as a widow,” she

Mulenga said when she and her husband received the sad news that doctors could not do anything about her husband’s condition, her
in-laws where both visiting at the couple’s home.
Mulenga said it was very difficult for her and her husband, Benjamin, to break the scaring news.

Eventually, the couple mastered some strength and broke the news.
It was an poignant experience for Mulenga and the visitors who cried as though Benjamin had died.

“I encouraged him to get prepared so we could go to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where we could get a second opinion.
“Doctors there also confirmed that his kidneys were both damaged…I said OOOOH NO,” Mulenga said.

The confirmation by the doctors brought more fear in her eyes of losing her husband.
But the counsel and explanations by doctors on the possibilities of a kidney transplant put a smile of her face gave her strength.

She recalled that Benjamin’s brother and his cousin got involved to help.
But they could not match up to what was required.
At the time, Mulenga gave it a thought and got convinced that she could donate her kidney to Benjamin.

She said he was her husband and father of her children and time had come for her to put her wedding vows into practice “for better, for

Bravely, Mulenga told her Benjamin that they should go back to UTH.
She said she wanted the doctors to test her kidneys and if she was a match, she would be his donor! – timesepaper



pictures:Benjamin Mowa, his wife Mulenga and their children and Benjamin Mowa with his wife Mulenga..


  1. Mulenga, congratulations dear! There are very few special people like u remaining on the face of this earth. My only appeal to u is that never demand your kidney back when you differ with your hubby in future! God has already blessed u & he will continue to protect & provide for u always

  2. She is a dream woman and wife. One of the few people in this world who believes and practices the vows of “in sickness and in health.” I hope she has a sister so I can talk to her.

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