To what has come as a Suprise to many, United States of America President Donald Trump is the latest Public figure who have come to the defence of a Malawian born Prophet now in South Africa Shephard Bushiri in his Fraud case.

The Controversial church leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was arrested by the South African Hanks for Fruad and money laundering in February 2019.

Meanwhile thousands of people have come to the defence of Bushiri charging that it is the devil that is fighting him to stop preaching the good news.

In february this year his church issued a statement confirming that Bushiri and his Wife were arrested by the Hawks on fraud and money laundering charges.

“As you will remember, from last year, we have struggled with reports that our father was guilty. He has been detained and is being questioned by the Hawks in Silverton, Pretoria.”

Bushiri spokesperson Maynard Manyowa says: “Police came in the morning to the hotel, picked them up, saying they wanted to talk to them. They wouldn’t tell us exactly why or how. They didn’t take them to as police station, but they took them to the headquarters of the Hawks.”

The matter regarding Bushiri and his wife has since been postporned to 09 September 2019.










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