Tutwa Ngulube


Hakainde Hichilema will soon be jailed for treason.
Ngulube says only Edgar Lungu has the
right to say Zambians are hungry.

And Tutwa says Hichilema’s lawyers must get ready to defend
him in court.

Tutwa says no one in Lusaka is failing to buy mealie meal
adding that HH must take his donations to areas that vote for

The PF MP says no one votes for Hichilema in Lusaka and
they must not accept his mealie meal.

Tutwa is speaking on the PF owned Hot FM radio station in



  1. you make HH by ur utterances. even pipo who didnt about him knew when u jailed him. the same was done to Mandela. learn lessons man. ignore the man and prove ur abilities by fixing economy.

  2. Is this man a lawyer for sure!!Zambia twasebana…and these are the folks who are supposed to manage the affairs of our country?Are we really serious bane.We dont need pipo like this Ngulube guy lets wake up bane…


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