Tutwa Ngulube

KABWE Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube has sued Republican Progressive Party leader James Lukuku in the Kabwe High Court demanding damages for libel and defamation for alleging that he is Rwandese.

The PF deputy Chief Whip is claiming exemplary and aggravated damages, damages for intimidation and malicious falsehoods.

Ngulube, who has cited Lukuku’s party, Republican Progressive Party, said that he was a Zambian born on April 12, 1979 at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

The lawmaker said that he was also a director and shareholder of more than eight businesses across the country and has several outlets within the boundaries of Zambia.

The Kabwe lawmaker stated that Lukuku and his party on August 14, 2019, caused to be published on his Facebook social media platform named Koswe and Whatsapp groups, a defamatory statement against him stating that “Tutwa Ngulube should leave Zambia’s governance issues for Zambians.”

Ngulube said Lukuku alleged that information was unearthed showing how Tutwa Ngulube came into Zambia as a little boy, enjoyed Zambian education and how he later started claiming to be a Zambian. He added that soon there would be publication of the true names of Tutwa Ngulube and the village where his parents come from in Rwanda.

“If many have observed closely and check even his forehead; they will realise that there is no Zambian with such looks. We have been remorseful at publishing this information but we are beginning to see that the young man is crossing boundaries and wants to introduce Rwandese barbaric ways of insulting Zambians like John Sangwa, Mwitwa Eddie and others. We wish to warn that soon Tutwa will be answerable and dealt with accordingly if he does not change his behaviour in a foreign land. We do not expect foreigners to behave like that in Zambia. You do not become a true Zambian by being born in Zambia and acquiring Zambian education. Your parents are Rwandese and at the right time we shall sort you out.

Take that behaviour to Rwanda and leave national issues for Zambians to debate,” Lukuku said.

Ngulube contended that the gist of the allegations meant and were understood to mean that he was not a Zambian and was not qualified to hold a seat in Parliament where he was Deputy Chief Whip and member of parliament, which positions were both constitutional offices.

The complainant said that he would also aver at trial that the defendant’s allegations also mean that his allegedly being a Rwandese had warlike or barbaric behaviour and that he may soon plunge Zambia into genocide like there was in Rwanda in 1994.

Ngulube indicated that Lukuku also alleged in a letter dated August 16, 2019, which was addressed to the Director of Immigration and acknowledged by them by a date stamp that he was a foreigner.

Ngulube said Lukuku alleged that he had overwhelming evidence that he was not a Zambian and that he would submit evidence to the Investigator General on August 19.

He added that the RPP leader on August 18 issued a media statement in which he stated that he would on August 19 take him, Andrew Ntewewe and the Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini to the Office of Public Protector for allegedly being ‘suspected foreigners’ at the forefront of supporting “foolish, stupidity and idiotic tactics” intended at manipulating the Republican Constitution.

“The plaintiff shall aver that he was a full-time Zambian, born to Zambian parents Onesmus Sandani Ngulube (deceased) of Maluza village in chief Lundu of Chama district in Muchinga Province and mother being Tivwale Mirriam Mtonga of chief Zunwanda in Lundazi district in Eastern Province,” Ngulube said.

“The plaintiff was domiciled in Zambia and has never lived in Rwanda or been a national of any other country apart from Zambia and that he has lived all his 40 years in Zambia.”

Ngulube further contended that Lukuku’s allegations were calculated to mislead, deceive the public and incite hatred, ridicule and xenophobia on him, and that statements were meant to be circulated globally or worldwide.

He added that the statements refer to him by name and description and were malicious and devoid of truth as they were manifestly inconsistent.

Ngulube wants an order of injunction to restrain the defendants, their agents, servants and employees from repeating or further publication of any defamatory statements against him.

He is also seeking an order of retraction of the defamatory statements, an order for a public apology to him and his family, and interest on the sums found due and costs.


  1. Let the truth be told Tutwa, you are flogging the majority Zambians by saying the price of mealie meal is okay, looking at what you said, you are no different from Dandy crazy anywhere you belong to the same party after all, you even resemble if he shaves everything.


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