Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

With days fast drawing closer to March 27, 2020. A day, one of renowned Prophets, TBJosha, claimed the deadly pandemic, COVID-19 will vanish. Expectations and euphoria are high in people across the world.

The Prophet, whose followers claim is charismatic and has made prophecies that have always been realistic, claimed in a video that went viral on the social media that corona virus will disappear the way it came on 27th March.

Joshua, founder and leader of SCOAN has also been urging people not to give the virus power over them by overrating it, citing, as believers, they must never fear what kills the body only.

He, however, urged people across the globe to follow medical precautionary measures as one way of containing the virus.

Ironically, cases of the virus are, besides counting down to the day, escalating in most countries across the world.

In Italy, the virus is furthering by killing a lot of people. Likewise in south Africa, where cases are tolling up at an alarming rate.



  1. I remember even his prophecy about a female president in the USA was realistic, that is why Mrs Donald Trump is the first woman president in the USA.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA people are stupid, he will get in alot of cash, its FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP and PF TOGETHER WITH LUNGU, everything is FAKE NEWS


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