Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda


_…as he describes the Opposition Alliance a Sham._

Thursday… July 11, 2019

Like we have always said, the Opposition Alliance is a group of selfish and desperate individuals who are only interested in having the instruments of power.

Unfortunate the desperation of the Opposition Alliance is not providing any solution as the “government in waiting”. Selfish individuals who are self centered full of frustration, bitterness with evil motives can never work together.

The case of the Opposition Alliance is a clear sign of how selfish the two opposition leaders in UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Acting NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili can be. The failure by the two to come up with one candidate in the Lubwa ward local government by elections has exposed the two.

But we feel sorry for Mr Kambwili. It seems the man does not learn. I know he will try and pretend to work with life UPND Leader but Mr Hakainde Hichilema has failed to work with alliances for many years now. Any alliance that goes in with the UPND will fail. The man (HH) is so desperate for power.

HH failed to work with Late President Mwanawasa. He failed to work with Sakwiba Sikota. He failed to work with Partrick Chisanga. He failed to work with Edith Nawakwi. He failed to work with late President Michael Sata. He failed to work with Richard Kapita, Canisious Banda. He failed to work with Nevers Mumba. He failed to work with Mutati. He failed to work with GBM. He has now failed to work Kambwili and some other alliance partners, like Andford Banda of PAC and Sean Tembo of PeP who just withdrew today. HH muntu washani kanshi? And Zambians should believe him?

However, as PF we are happy we managed to have a successful nomination. Our candidate Julius Kaunda will come out victorious. The people of Lubwa ward know very well what the PF government under the leadership of HE President Edgar Lungu has done and he is still doing.

We want to assure our top leadership that the provincial executive will put up a campaign that is issue based and non violent. We will explain what the PF has done and is doing to the people if Lubwa Ward. We want the people of Lubwa to manage themselves in this campaign through their area member of parliament and local leadership.

Once again, we would like to thank the people of Lubwa for turning up in numbers to escort our candidate in filing in his nomination. The PF is the party of the people and party of choice.

Issued by;

PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman

MCC Nathan Bwalya Chanda

(Copperbelt Media Team)


  1. It is the current never ending poor economy that is causing the two men. Will try to reconcile them so that the opposition will have the strongest voice. Pf is scared of the two men.


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