Two Zambians who attend a church service last Sunday in South Africa at Pastor Daniel lesego of Rabboni Ministry have escaped death after a phone prayer.

The two Zambians who only have been identified as Mr. Bwalya Mutale 48 years old and Enock Nyambe 35 years old both business men were invited at a Sunday church service for blessing oppotunities.

According to the testimonies made available to Zambia Watch, the two Zambians failed to walk and eat after the church service.

According to the two Zambians, the almost met their fate when they called Prophet Stepherd M Mesala through a phone call asking for prayers.

As the two made the decision of calling back home, they explained to Prophet Stepherd M Mesala who later told them that distance was not a barrier for deliverance.

According to the confession, a Zambian born Flamboyant Prophet Stepherd M Mesala requested the two Zambians to put their belief in God because with him, nothing was impossible.

The two who almost met their fate in a foreign country escaped death after some deliverance from Prophet Stepherd M Mesala.

The two will be in the country on Wednesday and will be sharing their testimonies at Prophet Stepherd M Mesala church in Ndola.

Meanwhile a South African Pastor Daniel Lesego has been arrested after three members died after the church service.

Pastor Lesego of Rabboni Ministry was arrested immediately after praying for many with a snake.

According to him, the snake had some healing powers from unknown sources, with many suspecting that it was from dark sources.

Meanwhile Prophet Stephered M Mesala has appealed to Zambians to stop criticising Zambian born men of God.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala says those people who have been calling him to go and heal the sick in hospitals, they must invite him because he only attend to problems when invited.

Prophet Stepherd M Mesala said this in an exclusive interview with Zambian Watch.

“My brothers who attended a snake service in South Africa on Sunday are okay. They will be sharing God’s wonders at our church next Sunday. God has no barriers to problems. He is a God for all” he said.

“Let me also take this opportunity to appeal to People that as a Prophet of God, I’m available to helping the needy. But I wonder why Zambians want to underate their own born Prophets. If heard alot of people that I need to go and heal the sick in hospitals. I told my brothers and sisters to take me there or bring those patients to my church, God is going to perform his wonders” he said.

“If you look at Zambians with problems, they travel all the way to Nigeria or South Africa for healing. They follow men of God in those respective countries. So why can’t they bring patients to us rather than criticising us when we are doing the work of God?” Asks Prophet Stepherd M Mesala.

“We are here to help those who need help, You need the help we attend to it. You can invite any man of God to your house or hospital to pray for the sick, but most importantly our mission is to win souls for Christ” he said.

For this prophecy and prayer confirmation,You can call Prophet Stepherd M Mesala directly on +260954689538.


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