By Mike Sichula

University of Zambia trade unions have called on government to consider shutting down all public universities if there are no resources to fund them than subjecting lectures to perpetual delayed salaries.

This follows the non-payment of workers at the University of Zambia their February 2019 salaries.

In a joint statement by University Of Zambia And Allied Workers Union, The University of Zambia Lecturers And Researchers Union And The University Of Zambia Professional Staff Union, the unions have complained that government cannot continue running institutions of higher learning on credit without paying them on time.

And University Of Zambia And Allied Workers Union Deputy General Secretary Kelvin Chengo says it is disappointing in the manner government is handling higher education by partly failing to honour the monthly obligations in form of grants on time.

Mr. Chengo tells Phoenix News that the resultant effects of delayed salaries to their members should not be blamed on unions but on those tasked to manage national affairs.


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