By Ishmeal Mike

Opposition UNIP members are demanding for the removal of party leader Tilyenji Kaunda and his Vice Njekwa Anamela saying the two have overstayed in leadership without formulating new ideas.

The members are demanding that the former ruling should elect new leaders before the 2021 general elections.

A pressure group within the party led by national interim Information and Publicity Secretary Mubanga Chileshe, who led a group of less than 40 people mostly women stormed the party secretariat situated at old freedom house along freedom way.

Mr. Chileshe explained to Phoenix News that the two have overstayed in leadership without formulating new idea that could make the party stronger as well as attracting new members.

He further indicated that the current UNIP leadership has up to 31st December, 2019 to organize a convention as directed by the registrar of societies adding that they will continue to pressurize the Mr. Kaunda to start making arrangements for the convention.

There was no immediate comment from the two party leaders over the demands by broadcast time.


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