Unprofessional police officers take guns to football pitches

By Florence Muyunda CIC Private Reporter

Choma ~ Southern Province

On a sad note guns have now been taken to football pitches by police with questionable characters this (in the picture below) happened today when Green buffaloes took on Nkana and as per football tradition supporters sometimes get overrun by emotions but surely could this be the best response from our security personnel on the pitch?


We have seen supporters running on the pitch before, but we have never seen a gun being pointed at a supporter this happens many times in Europe we have never seen a gun pointed at a supporter.

Indeed Zambia is in a gun culture regime.Say no to gun culture in Zambia



  1. The weapon being deployed is specific to crowd control applications:

    12 guage pump action shotgun designed to discharge either bean bags or rubber bullets all meant to stun or/ and incapacitate the target without life threatening impact. These are not projectile rounds with bodily injury/ piercing capability.

    This is neither a semi automatic AK47, G3 or otherwise well known ZP daily issue level weapon.

    Study your descriptive, consult and report accurately without alarming Zambians.

    The police service are not as stupid as you would wish to paint them. They do have standards and guidelines for asset deployment. Any human being that has been well trained in weapons discipline and is of sane mind will understand and ascertain the consequences of firing live ammunition in a public arena.

    Come on people.


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