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Saboi Imboela writes
Ok PF really knows politics. The opposition really need to wake up if they have to be on the same level with PF… Until independent tests are done I don’t believe that the Chief Government Spokesperson has the coronavirus. These are high level, sophisticated, calculated politics… The funding from all over is really making our leaders to be more creative and daring. If hon Siliya is really positive to Covid-19 I will make a public apology the same way I have made this public post, otherwise to me these are just politics meant to get more money from donors.







  1. People make me wonder, British prime minister was sick, USA they are getting sick, the monarch in Britain many prominent people are getting sick. What is political about them and Which money were they looking for. You wake up as opposition how do you fit in the money being given to government and you waking up and relate to election. That’s why it will take time for opposition to win elections. You should know when to say what and how to say it. Otherwise NIPATALI.

    • What is more bogging to people is how Dora is making rounds on social media as a covid patient than the medical personnel who carried out the test on her. She is more of a doctor than a victim of the pandemic if at all she has it.
      We saw how Uk prime Minister Boris Harrison looked when he he contracted the virus. The media just took pics of him while in the ICU. Only medical personnel updated the nation through the media. So l agree with Saboi that Dora is feigning to have tested positive to covid 19 .what about her social contacts? Next you hear it is Chilufya, then coax one or two media personnel from Znbc or other compromised media houses who have been covering her daily covid 19 briefing. It’s a well calculated political gimmick to raise more money for 2021 presidential election campaigns. Wake up zambians, Saboi may have mooted a significant point.
      We have criminals as leaders in our country who Will do everything possible to get what they w

  2. I agree with you Saboi. Dora, has just taken 2 weeks leave because of pressure from the PF, cadres. She is worn out > This is the PF, you joined to eat well. Now has just been too much on you. symptomatic is a pure lie. You also just want show to the donors that they give you more funding. Or is it, because your co minister is under investigation.

  3. A little bit unkind ain’t we? You do realise, stress can suppress your immunity..leaving you vulnerable to infection? If it’s been too much on her – as you point out, she is probably genuinely ill. Be kind!

  4. She first tested positive for Covid and then alerted the people at ministry of health. Who tested her in the first place?
    Saboi ulesulako fimo ulapepa kekekeke..

  5. Could this be a diversion tactic to divert public attention from Chitalu Chilufyanya’s COVID publicity which has somewhat unsettled the bosses that be to the point where they have curtailed COVID updates from daily to just Monday and Friday?
    Just thinking loudly because it’s unusual for PF leaders to reveal their illnesses. Kampyongo not long ago was literally fighting to refute claims that he was quarantined for Covid.
    But if what Dora says is true, then thanks for being transparent about your situation as it helps to destigmatize illness when leaders lead by example. After all, it’s totally human to get sick. Get well soon and we need you to live long to help answer for the Corruption PF is doing like taking Gold Resources from our brothers and sisters in Kasenseli village and giving it to foreigners from Sudan. This is the most UNPATRIOTIC thing this “Patriotic Front” has ever done! It’s like this PF administration is only there to empower foreigners like the Chinese and Sudanese at the expense of Zambians!
    This is why come 2021, it’s Bally’s time! In Bemba they say, “Ako usulile is the one that marries your mother!” In Zambia, the leaders we reject are the good leaders who mean well for our country who could have made our lives more comfortable! Remember how we rejected Levy Mwanawasa by 73% of votes cast and yet he turned out to be a brilliant leader who truly made Zambians rich! The Stones that we the Builders (Voters) reject could have been our Corner stones! 2021, we want to try Bally1!

  6. I am equally sceptical Saboi and proud of my doubting Thomas mindframe where the scheming PF are concerned. Dora I dont believe you and even if it is true I won’t apologise. It is my perception- this is con artistry right down to the night or morning gown (stage costume)!

  7. Opposition will never stop to amaze me
    Surely this is how low your politics are?
    Please have some good strategy not like this l believe you can do better than this.
    Lyonse mwakulalusa pantu you have no proper strategy.
    Find ways to win hearts of the Zambians not this cheap arrangement.

  8. politics in Zambia are not going on the right track, leaders can’t get sick or possess anything it corruption or gimik…

  9. Saboi may be right. It could be a gimmick by Hon. Dora Siliya to buy time. She could be preparing a testimony to save herself if summoned by the ACC as well, as that cannot be done whilst she is recovering from this deadly virus. And who would even interrogate her now? It reminds me of some people who pretend to be sick just to avoid doing some house chores.


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