Hon Brian Mushimba

The University of Zambia has released details of Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba’s academic records after it awarded him with a PhD in Engineering on Monday.

Some quarters have raised doubts over the authenticity of Dr Mushimba’s doctorate with some insinuating that it was bought off.

Some even when further to ask how many years has Dr Mushimba spent in Zambia to manage to obtain a doctorate.

“When did he arrive in Zambia from USA where he had lived for many years shortly before 2016 election and which year did he register to Study PhD Engineering research programme at UNZA. Show me the form he filled in at Unza,” other’s queried on social media.

“How long does it take for One to Complete his PhD programme in Engineering at UNZA. Who supervised Honourable Mushimba in this PhD and where is the Thesis for Honourable Mushimba?”

But the UNZA Public Relations Office has released details of Dr Mushimba’s academic journey which shows that he had been studying with UNZA for some years until recently when he successfully defended his Thesis.

UNZA says Dr Mushimba’s Thesis was titled “Coal Substitution Obscurity in Cement Manufacturing In Zambia. Potential for Viable Waste Energy Conversion.”

It said, Engineer Mushimba was born in Mufurila on 7th November 1974 and completed primary education at Makole Primary School in Mufulira.

He then proceeded to Mpelembe Secondary in Kitwe where he completed Grade 12 (o levels) in 1993.

Upon successfully completing grade 12, Zambia consolidated copper mines (ZCCM) awarded him the much-coveted academic scholarship to do form 6 (A levels).

It said upon completion of form 6 A levels, he was admitted to the University of Arizona in the United States of America (USA) where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Mining Engineering.

While in the USA, Dr Mushimba earned a master’s degree in Business Administration
with a concentration in engineering management and another masters degree in Business Administration in International Business Management from Salem University in West Virginia.

As an Engineer, Dr. Mushimba worked at Siemens power generation in Atlanta, Georgia for seven years as a commissioning lead engineer on various power generation projects and he was credited in having added approximately 10,000 megawatts of new generation capacity onto the USA national power grid.

Later, Dr. Mushimba joined Lafarge North America as an Engineering manager in Atlanta and served for four years before transferring to Lafarge Cement in Zambia in the same capacity where he served a further three years.

In 2012, he accepted an offer to work for Eskom in South Africa and served as a Technical Director in their Ugandan subsidiary until 2016 when he decided to serve the people of Kankoyo Constituency as Member of Parliament and he was subsequently appointed a Minister of Transport and Communication the position he currently holds.

Hon Brian Mushimba
Hon Brian Mushimba
Hon Brian Mushimba

Hon Brian Mushimba
Hon Brian Mushimba
Hon Brian Mushimba


  1. In Zambia we are very backward, I thought universities do not disclose information regarding PhD’s based on Bishop Dr. Double PhD Edward Chomba’s comments. Hon. Mushimba has checked out, Ba Bishop Chomba mulikwisa na confidentiality theory yenu iya bufi?

  2. That verification did not address the required information: title of the study line, how was the data collected, who were the supervisors, who were both internal and external examiners and many other practical verification factors.


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