Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)


PF Deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has confirmed that PF has failed to run Universities because PF regime doesn’t have the funding for the institutions.
Antonio Mwanza said Unza receive a monthly grant of K 39m as opposed to those that were arguing that Universities do not receive monthly grant from where lecturers receive their salaries. He also said Unza has failed to run the farm out of the funding it receives.

The question is, is running a farm the duty of the university or to offer academics?
PF regime now wants universities turned into farming blocks away from their sole purpose of offering academics.

Lecturers are not getting their salaries on time because PF regime wants them to farm and sell farm out puts and get paid.

ECL a vision less leader and his regime does not attach great significance to education, but their concentration is on amassing wealth for themselves through corrupt schemes that is why CBU was closed because they had no funding for the institutions and not to their excuse of the students being unruly.

We strongly feel that education should be given more preference and therefore the government should stop the act of closing universities because by doing so it is prolonging the years in which students were supposed to graduate giving a burden to families and the nation.

Let funding to universities not skip or take longer as is a case now.
The FIC report is clear and if all that money in the report was prudently utilised, the universities can not be having these lacuna funding, but because the priority for this government is corruption, the results are clear.

By Banda Sakanya.


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