THIRD-year medical student has to wake up as early as 03:00 hour’s every morning to make doughnut for sale to raise money for his academic needs.

Reuben Mulenga a doughnut seller has refused to let his dream of becoming a medical doctor pass away.

This 26-year-old student has one of the most loaded and strenuous lifestyles but has no choice, he has to go through it so that his dream can be attained.

Narrating his highly demanding lifestyle which he barely has leisure time, would reveal brokenness from inside his facial expression yet tries hard to stand firm.

He is on a heard to achieve mission of raising up to K17, 000 to pay for his third academic year’ as a medical student at UNZA’S ridgeway compus.

Think of it, for a moment, this is a young man who has to chance any free time in his busy lecture times to sale doughnuts raising an average of K100 in the few chances in a week. When will it pileup to make the required K17,000?

Reuben narrates to this author how he desire to become a medical doctor and save lives one day.

(Credit: Times of Zambia)


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