The University of Zambia Lectures And Research Union (UNZALARU) Banned!!

The following are shots of the letter received by UNZALARU being informed of the termination of their recognition by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security..




  1. UNZA Management playing into the hands of politicians! No Spine to defend fellow professionals who are being dehumanized! This is a narrow-minded approach to resolving a perennial problem management is fully aware of! Is it in order for Lecturers to be begging for their salaries all the time?
    Unfortunately, banning UNZALARU does not solve the problem! The next thing that will happen is Brain Drain! Lecturers who know their true worth won’t be with this institution forever! No wonder Education standards have fallen at UNZA!
    Zambia has leadership problems at many levels! The spirit of vindictiveness afflicts all, even the so called educated, most of whom are devoid of common wisdom! Education is not equal to wisdom! What UNZA Management and their Labor ministry have done is sealing a boiling pot! By removing the only voice between them and Lecturers, they should prepare for nasty surprises!


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