By Chilufya Tayali

The lady has been arrested and the police are already questioning her. They have even visited the scene of crime.

The name of the suspect has been identified as Shabu Benos and details have emerged that, she stubbed Revees with a knife at the back during a fight last night around 23:00hrs.

The same lady is believed to have once cut open somebody’s stomach to the extent of the intestines being carried on a tray right at Avondale shopping complex in full view of people.

She’s the young sister to the late notorious BONKY from Avondale and she is believed to be on drugs.

A POLICE crime expert displays a knife allegedly used by Ms Tshabu Benos to stab to death Lusaka prominent businessman Reeves Malambo in the early hours of Monday.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE (But with all the respect and condolences to the deceased), Some senior and retired lawyers are on the queue willing to defend the young lady on proborno-friendship basis. The pictures of the young lady has stimulated some of our big legal minds to do some charity before junior police officers spoil the case.

If you know some “ACTIVE” ( I mean at the bar) lawyers, please tag them, this lady might need a “strong” representation

Some men are saying, men were condemned to die for women, so people should stop complaining about men being killed women, there is nothing wrong unless otherwise.

Reeves Malambo’s girlfriend
Malambo in pink shirt


  1. First of its dull to.say she stabbed the guy because they were.fighting how does one.fight with there back turned against the person you.are.fighting another useless a report from tayali

  2. Its sad to hear the deaths of our beloved brother Malambo and may i age the police to handle this case seriously may he soul lest in pace


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