Sean Tembo

Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo is happy with the accelerated rate at which the Zambian people have embraced his party as an alternative Government in waiting that can deliver on the economic, social and governance aspirations of citizens.

Mr Tembo says as, on Monday, 10th August 2020, the total paid-up membership of the Patriots for Economic Progress crossed the 600,000 mark.

He says for a political party that has been in existence for barely four years, this is no mean achievement.

Mr Tembo says Given the PeP exponential growth in the past few years, coupled with the visionary leadership of the PeP National Organizing Committee and the increasing appetite of the Zambian people to elect into office fresh blood that is devoid of recycled politicians that generally characterize Zambia’s political landscape, the political future of the Patriots for Economic Progress is bright.

He said given all the variables, he believes that it is in order to now declare the Patriots for Economic Progress as Zambia’s Third Political Force.

“Suffice to mention that it is not our desire to remain third-ranked for long. In the one year from now to Election Day, we shall be making a very spirited attempt to emerge victorious in the general elections, and to obtain the mandate of the Zambian people to preside over the affairs of this Republic”, he said.

Mr Tembo says the Patriots for Economic Progress are not in an Alliance with any political party, and the possibility of any Alliance with any political party between now and the Election Day in 2021 is totally out of question.

He says any other political party and their respective leaders shall be considered as their political opponents and they will be treated as such.

Mr Tembo says the theme of the PeP message to the Zambian people will be threefold ahead of 2021 firstly, how the ruling PF and its Government have failed to run the affairs of this nation and need to be replaced.

He said secondly, how the main opposition UPND and its leadership have no vision for this country and resemble the ruling PF in every aspect except the fact that they are not in power and thirdly, why the Patriots for Economic Progress and it’s leadership are the most suitable grouping to be next accorded the opportunity of running the affairs of this beautiful nation and to turn around this country’s economic fortunes as well as restore the rule of law.

Mr Tembo says his party saw it necessary to state its position as above so that there is no doubt in the minds of political opponents as well as the Zambian people in terms of where they stand and what their campaign message themes will be, going forward.



  1. The only person known to belong to PeP is Sean Tembo. So it is surprising to learn that the number of people who are paid up members of PeP is over 600,000.

  2. In fact he has fooled himself more after one or two callers on diamond TV deceived him into thinking he is wise. Already he was promising amnesty for Lungu, so you know who he is. These are the fools who are also idiots bent on spoiling the votes which I doubt so much because they are less than one.

  3. The man doesn’t even know what he stands for. He is simply full of confusion to himself. One party man just wasting his precious time. In short this Sean Tembo is a man of unbalanced principles.


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