Kasebamashila Kaseba

By Kasebamashila Kaseba

Some UPND cadres before elections approached me, a few times, to consider becoming one of HH’s advisers because the advisers around their boss were either ineffective or were only telling the boss what the boss wanted to hear.

I generally answered that it was the boss who actually chose and appointed the advisers to tell him exactly what he wanted to hear and not what he did not want to hear.

That advisers were appointees serving at the pleasure of the boss. (I was a critic and not an adviser.)

The last conversation was outside the UPND Secretariat when I went to do some political analysis for ON-TV online during the UPND General Assembly.

Now, UPND and HH are receiving praises they want to hear even for mistakes because it is what they want to hear and it is still during their honeymoon.

HH, like MCS or EL, shall dearly pay, sooner or later, for squandering the honeymoon goodwill.

FJT in 1991 was the most popularly elected president in defeating KK to one EP region as FJT ended up the most unpopular or hated former president as KK became the most popular former president.

UPND are receiving praises for mistakes because they cannot be criticised or corrected for their mistakes.

(They are conscienceless to tell a right from wrong. HH even thinks a mistake is style.)

UPND and HH are bashing and gagging criticism, dissent and opposition.

For example, HH media priorities are upside down in as far media strategy is concerned, yet he is praised for that.

Firstly, HH who as president is active online as he was as opposition president granted interviews to international media ahead of local public and private media.

Secondly, with local media, HH is in charge as a producer, running commentator, self interviewer, latecoming and overrunning, he doesn’t do with International media, I can guess.

Thirdly, he has since preferred to start with local private media to local public media.

Fourth, and importantly, if what HH says is policy and record, it has to go through mainly ZNBC especially ZANIS where it shall be transcribed and printed in a booklet, published and filed.

ZANIS is even supposed to be under the president (HH) or State House or he can re-transfer there.

Otherwise, let HH himself and his advisers be oriented even by ZANIS of how the offline public media works before he is further embarrassed or suffers backlash and setbacks.

Lastly, unstrategic ruling through the conventional and social media is a bad thing. As bad as it was to POTUS Trump who rejected defeat at one term. Trump lived in this reality and alternative facts.

HH shall suffer a media burnout or defeat he cannot reverse. Just as HH cannot speed up the slow civil service he slowed down. Or he didn’t know the public complaint against the civil service is slow speed which helps corruption that HH is fighting.


  1. Please advise UPND, phone/write and or visit the boss man and tell them straight as you have put here. That way, you will be helpful

  2. Let’s see here. Is your choosing to reveal your private and confidential communication at this precise moment meant to be a message of support or an attempt to declare out loud that the lower ranks are begging you to be the private and personal adviser for the President. What exactly is this supposed to mean. See attitude is something that can be seen in the actions you do. So far we see your arrogance and pride.

    I respect Dr.Mumba for his upfront cotributions. He puts shares his thoughts in the public media and allows authorities to consider it or ignore it. His messages given out reveal an attitude of humbleness and kindness. He really wants his friend to win. What about you. It’s written every that you are bitter and wishing them failure just barley 2 months in there young administration. Very pathetic.

    Imagine you even reveal secrets of you conniving with some very undisciplined UPND members who wish to tell the President, that you are the spring well of wisdom.

    Your pride and arrogance is flowing out of your article. No humbleness. Just some one trying to command another on what should be done. Ridiculous .

    Please Humble yourself first and acknowledge that Bally is in power. If he needs you advise he will ask for it. As it is now, be respectful and humble yourself when you are making suggestions. What makes you think your priorities are his.

  3. Ba kaseba go to state house or write to Anthony bwalya not this thing you are doing. You are trying to incite people to rise up against the president just because you don’t like his way of doing things. He told you before that you will find his way of doing things abnormal but that’s his style weh so let him lead. No amount of hatred will stop bally from tekaling . He is not perfect but impressive. We know ba mashila you are always subjective that’s why we prefered mark simuwe over you on prime tv analysis. Your attitude is something else.

  4. Mistake or no mistakes the greatest thing HH has done is to restore the rule of law. It was more important to have the corrupt, incompetent and lawless PF out than even some of the UPND promises. I do not find no substance in the criticism from Mr. Kaseba. Of course HH has to go at one time, but among other things he may do, we shall remember him first and foremost for bringing fresh air to Zambian politics.


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