…opposition party claims the videos circulating are staged

The re-adoption of Bweengwa Constituency Member of Parliament, Michelo Kasauta on the United Party for National Development, (UPND) has been met with protests from locals.

They have threatened to give the Patriotic Front, (PF) a protest vote against the UPND after news of his candidature Tuesday afternoon.

Shadreck Kabuku is among the residents that protested Kasauta’s adoption saying the decision does not reflect the desires of the grassroots.

He says the party’s electoral system has decided to appease friendships over the will of people, hence they are defecting to the PF.

Meanwhile, Bweengwa Constituency PF Chairperson, Mainza Kabwata has welcomed the new members, saying doors were open for anyone willing to work with the party.

BUT UPND Monze Youth Chairperson, Cassius Mangani says the protests signals that each candidate has many supporters hoping to see them win adoption.

He, however, says videos of UPND Members wearing PF regalia in Bweengwa are staged.

Mangani has since called on youths to maintain order in all the wards to ensure the party wins the elections.


  1. If true, UPND made a mistake of adopting an unpopular candidate. Unfortunately, lamentations from HH’s home constituency give a different view and could affect votes that are needed for the presidency. It is true that Kasauta was sleeping in parliament for most of his time. Bweengwa is a constituency with a history of maverick MPs like Rex Nataala and even Hyvie Haamududu and deserves a politically active representative and Kasauta cannot be said to be one of them. Those poor villagers have got nothing to lose if they give their protest vote to PF and the main loser would be UPND.


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