Dora Siliya


Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has questioned the rationale of moving with a coffin in town by suspected by United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

Reacting to action by UPND cadres to parade the coffin of their deceased colleague in the streets of Lusaka, Ms Siliya said that what happened yesterday was unZambian because funerals are supposed to be respected.

Ms Siliya said funerals are solemn occasion where the dead should be respected as opposed to what happened.

And PF Secretary General Officiates Davies Mwila is expected Hon Mwila will also call on the Church to speak against what he termed as the ungodly behavior that would cause the UPND and its leader to support and parade a dead body through the Lusaka Central Business District in what he described as an unthinkable procession.

Meanwhile, the government has said that requested for a full report of what happened yesterday in Lusaka’s Central business district where one person was shot by suspected UPND cadres.

Acting Home Affairs Minister Dora Siliya said that the police will have to explain what measures were put in place to prevent the fracas.

Ms Siliya said that the police will also have to state what is being done to prevent such from happening again, adding that party cadres cannot be allowed to disturb the public by conducting unauthorized processions in the Central Business District.

Ms Siliya, who is also chief government spokesperson, said that the culture of using guns by cadres should also not be allowed to continue and that it is for this reason that the police should deal with the culprit whether they belong to PF or UPND.

Police in Lusaka have instituted investigations in a matter where unruly UPND cadres allegedly shot at a trader during an unlawful procession in the central business district yesterday.

Thomas Chibilika, 42, who was shot while at Intercity Bus terminus in his boutique is admitted to University Teaching Hospital.


  1. Idiocy? Is it Zambian to gun down Lawrence Banda in cold blood? Is it Zambian to unleash police brutality on mourners? Is it Zambian to loot food and destroy property at a funeral house? Is it Zambian to expect the police to investigate the inter city bus shooting but do nothing about a supposedly known murderer that killed Lawrence Banda in Kaoma? Is it Zambian to blow a journalist’s hand and destroying his camera using a gun that is supposed to be used to protect him?

    This idiocy must end.

  2. Dora and her PF are a curse on our country. How dare they even question how people choose to express their grief. We need to get rid of this bunch of crooks and hold them to account for all the bad things they are doing to us and our country. How insensitive can this Dora surely be? Mumbi Phiri is another one displaying the same ill-timed insensitive comments as Dora’s. Enough is enough from these people!


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