UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda has attributed the failure by some UPND aspiring candidates to file in their nominations, to inadequate preparations by the individuals who did not carry all the required documents.

On Wednesday, Nalolo constituency UPND aspiring member of parliament Namenda Siyanga and UPND aspiring candidate for Mufumbwe Council Chairperson Kajilo Muzungu both failed to file in their nominations after they failed to produce all the documents required by ECZ.

But in an interview, Imenda explained that the candidates forgot to carry some of the required documents and that by the time they managed to gather all the papers, it was already too late to file in their nominations.

“It is true [that] in these places we have failed to file. In Nalolo, the person forgot his original grade 12 certificate in Mongu, so he was advised to go and collect it. He had to travel a long distance from Nalolo to Mongu and then back again to Nalolo. But by the time he reached, it was ten minutes to closing time and he was not allowed in. That is how we lost it. Others it was also a question of inadequate papers here and there which were delayed. In the case of the Mufumbwe [Council Chairperson candidate] the issue involving Kajilo Muzungu, unfortunately by the time we organised the papers, it was already past closing time,” Imenda explained.

“It is the individual. Here is someone with all the papers including photocopies and then later on he realises the papers were in Mongu. So that is not a party matter, it is an individual’s matter. The candidate in Nalolo, the man has been campaigning for the last 10 years, so he has wasted too much time. He has wasted a lot of money investing in campaigns only to lose it at the last minute.”

Imenda said as the party, they had strategies on how they were going to sell their president with or without a member of parliament in an area.

“What is important is that we have MP’s to support the bills in the House, but most important of all, is the presidential campaign. That is why we are concerned with how we are going to take up the presidential campaign. The members of parliament play a supplementary role of supporting the president in the campaign. For example, as the candidate was going around in the constituency, he was going to sell the name of the president and the name of the councillor. That may be the only gap that has been created,” he stated.

“But as a party we have our strategies on how we are going to sell our president with or without a member of parliament. In each polling station, we have members who will be doing the campaigns as well as constituencies who will be conducting the campaigns for the president.”


  1. Hey, Imenda, dont think we are children. In fact we are adults and probably even more educated with wisdom better than yours.
    These incidents have exposed your disorganisation right at the heart of the party that claims to be ready for elections. I expect you to be candid and accept the malaise going on in UPND at your helm. That will help you to put measures that will forestall similar disappointments in future. Your denials are laughable and plainly stupid. Just wake up from slumber and smell the coffees ☕.
    I am even now suspicious whether you have any strategy or plans to protect the vote at all. It is obvious that you leave important things like electoral documents to individuals instead of taking such things at party level. I am sure you have left the protection of votes to individuals that can paid by PF to look away.
    I am totally disappointed and in fact annoyed with that statement by Imenda. If he cant control such important processes and documents that are crucial to an important election then what is he doing as Party Secretary General.
    You cannot fold your arms and put all the blame on candidates and claim to be clean….that is stupid!
    You failed to out measures that would prevent that from happening – so how innocent you? Politics is not just for clean cut suited armatures like you. It’s for men of political wisdom like William Banda, Daniel Munkombwe, Vernon Mwaanga, etc. You have 2 months to learn from this and start doing right things for our party.

  2. Shame on you Sir. You have dismally failed not even 6 momths have passed when you were appointed SG. Why did you not prepare a checklist of all the needed documents to be in the possession of all of your candidates 2 months before the date of submission of their candidature? You deserve a demotion , and your failure to work hard has endangered Zambia. This incompetence before you even get into power is damaging to Zambia. HH as the party CEO must crack the whip.

  3. True Mr. Chilyata, its not good enough for Imenda to blame individuals, the party and Imenda should take blame! Its the party and Imenda in leading role that picked these candidates who have shown immaturity in handling simple party matters! This exposes the party, Upnd’s immaturity in its leadership! When we say this party cannot win elections some Tongas become emotional, but this is the truth! Elections are not won on the mouth or in social media by publishing lies! The Bembas say “ubufi bulaya no kubwela!” Lies re-bound back! For example how do you publish a fake Daily Nation newspaper in social media to hood wink people? Only a criminal mind can do that! Implying leadership in Upnd is full of criminals! So those dull strategies just make you Upnd unpopular! But why are they doing that? Its because they have seen that they are not popular on the ground, and cannot beat PF! So come August 12, Hichilema and Upnd are losing again, including in Southern province!


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