UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has pledged that his government will pay strict attention to the art of comedy.

Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page yesterday that he had a “wonderful short chat” with comedian Collins Zulu, otherwise known as Bwana Njombe and his manager George Phiri.

Bwana Njombe humorously mimics the behaviour and speech style of Zambia Police officers.

The opposition leader described his meeting with Bwana Njombe and Phiri as: “a hilarious moment.”

“With this talent, the arts have a future in the country and they will earn us the much needed revenue,” Hichilema said.

“When in government we will pay particular attention to this talent and through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and media providers, dedicate days and a channel for comedy so that they too as comedians can excel beyond our country and earn some income.”

He gave thumbs up signal to Zambian comedians.

“Basilikani baziba anso kuti (law enforcement officers know that) Hope na Help na Yesu pa sogolo ndiye choncho (with Jesus in front, is the deal). Chosani nsapato na belt, mwachimwa kale baba (remove your shoes and belt, you have already offended, sir/madam,” wrote Hichilema, in a language modelled around Zambia Police officers’ communication mode.

“Otherwise, ni punkamo (fist-bump)! Tubwela Mwami (we are coming, boss)!”




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