Emmanuel Chilekwa
Emmanuel Chilekwa

By Emmanuel Chilekwa 

I thought UPND has been saying that the fact that my President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is President demonstrates that the high judges are corrupt.

How cone the “corrupt” judges have nullified my mother Nnandi Luo’s Munali constituency on account of abuse of public resources and violence?

What will UPND say when the verdict for my Petition to nullify 58 UPND seats is passed in my favour and that of the PF Chief Whip for the UPND MPs abrogating of Article 72 Subsection 2 (c) of the Amended Constitution ?

Will UPND say the Speaker is corrupt as their two lawyers submitted?

Or the UPND only see fairness if they win? Lusaka is PF and PF will retain the Munali seat with a landslide victory, no doubt about it.

The two UPND lawyers pleaded with the Speaker saying they should be given mercy and slapped with a lighter penalty if found guilty because they were “first offenders”, see what has happened to Luo, law us law, there are no issues of first offender again the Constitution, you breach, you face the consequences and am eagerly waiting for the Speaker to rule.

Wait till the Speaker rules on my Petition against the 58 truant UPND MPs.


  1. Isn’t this the idiot who was being investigated for being a conman with his fake organisation Friends for Lungu? After his pathetic master disowned him and had him arrested for getting money under false pretenses, he started associating with UPND, then somehow he is PF again. Mr. Muselela Kwakaba go suck Edgar Lungu’s dick somewhere else eko tabamishiba mwee mbwa mwee na ka boss kobe ka chakolwa.

  2. Ba Chilekwa you are just a job seeker wanting to be noticed by ECL. Don’t waste people’s time if you have nothing to do. You’ll just end up like your useless twin brother Tayali. UPND MPs have rights to boycott when they are contentious issues in the governance of our country. The Constitutional Court have never declared ECL to be president. It was ECZ who did that no wonder Chief Justice Mambilima did not fully participate in his inauguration. Give us a break the nation needs to move forward with serious issues especially in the economy of our country.

  3. Kikikiki…. So u don’t know that they damn scared at the turn of events? Bakamba everybody in courts knows that HH taleki munyama uukatala and he will fight on till justice is delivered. The question they have is when (not if) this one become, how is he going to deal with our corruption? They now know that things are not things better to do the correct thing.


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