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.Says the decision to appoint Nalumango is evidence that they are copycats of President Lungu’s political inclusiveness

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has said that the appointment of Ms. Mutale Nalumango as the new UPND Vice President is a clear indication that the opposition admires President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s leadership.

Speaking when he featured on a Pan African Radio program today, Hon. Kafwaya said the UPND appointing a female Vice President shows that the opposition have a great admiration for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungus Leadership.

He said that President Lungu will go down in the country’s history as the first President who had a female Vice President in the country.
“Maybe it will be overstating to commend a party that is copying from an existing party,” Hon. Kafwaya said.

Hon. Kafwaya said it was good to see that the opposition are learning from the PF and further urged them to continue learning and allow President Lungu to teach them.
And Hon. Kafwaya who is also Lunte Member of Parliament said he was happy that the technology which the PF government are providing has the capacity to facilitate for important undertakings such as the holding of online conventions which the UPND benefited from.
“I am happy that as PF, we have provided a platform for the UPND to have online elections, ” he said.

Meanwhile the most of the Radio phone callers who called to contribute on the radio program expressed confidence in the PF government under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and want him to continue beyond 2021 due to the unprecedented development as evidenced in the few years he has been in office.
And Hon Kafwaya Said that the PF government has provided an enabling environment for Zambians to thrive in their human endeavors.

The Lunte Member of Parliament said the expansion of roads in almost all parts of the country which have minimized the number of hours people spend on the road.
Hon. Kafwaya also said the construction of schools, health facilities and installation of Communication towers among other developmental projects that the PF government has implemented.

Meanwhile, Hon. Kafwaya said he was happy that ZICTA decided to pick a Zambian company Beeline Telecommunications Limited as a fourth phone mobile service provider.
He said it is government’s policy to promote locals to own businesses in the country.
The Minister said that it is unfortunate that some politicians do not want Zambians to own and run companies in the country.

“This is what we are seeing in MOPANI even though they are some politicians who feel all the things owned by Zambians should be sold including Aircrafts,” he said.
Hon. Kafwaya has since challenged Zambians to perform saying the chance that has been given to Beeline Telecommunications Limited be proved and bring to an end the continued narrative that Zambians cannot do certain services.
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