EEP President Chilufya Tayali has cautioned Zambians against voting for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Tayali has complained of how UPND propagandists photoshopped a newspaper to put his wife with a headline “Tsega gets 4th Husband In Zambia”.

Tayali has pointed out that HH is always unleashing insults on women who disagree with his tribal and ritualistic beliefs.

When leaving UPND Saboi Imboela – who is lozi – said UPND is about Tongaism. She said she was asked for sex by some Tongas in the party in exchange for a big position.

And Maureen Mwanawasa said the same thing that she was sexually and tribaly abused by HH’s thugs.


  1. So far so good with HH. He is the right man to rule Zambia. He has vision and hardworking. Zambians have developed immunity to all those false allegations about HH. It is a political gimmick that will not bear fruit in 2021: HH has been warning Zambians about how the economy was going to worsen under Pf, exactly what is happening. It is better to vote for HH who has told zambians the truth, it is only the tuth that will set zambia free. Pf has already been given marching orders by Zambians. Just prepare for exit.

  2. You are not speaking loudly. Is this all you can say? You think this can break down the UPND or HH? Speak your heaps of rubbish as much as you can. You can if you like go to Mars for specialist surgery to make your mouth bigger than that of a hippo, and to make your voice louder than a million megawatt speaker, but you will never achieve your goals against HH. And dont forget that tomorrow things will turn around. You do not know what we are planning against you once we in power. You do not know that we can be more mischivous against pipo like you once we in power. If HH will be ready to spare you, you and your family will find this country too small. Keep this write up till past 2021 and u gona see.

  3. Ba Tayali feel for your life Zambians are so annoye with PF and don’t push your bad like too far for the dirty money you are paid you will not surely enjoy that that money others in your family will use that dirty cash. STOP THE NONSENCE. No one believes your stories on HH. The force is coming so hard just ran away my guy. You are too small for the this great wind.

  4. To the Zambian Observer, I know we have the free speech and that is important, but to have this fool EEP President Chilufya Tayali in the Newspaper everyday, telling lies is wrong.

  5. Too EEP President Chilufya Tayali how much does PF and Lungu pay you for ALL THAT SHIT YOU COME OUT WITH ? Remember every shit you say will you get back twice.

  6. I think Zambian observer should spare us this rubbish from Tayali. We like the Zambian Observer for the good articles on issues that affect the lives of the people, not to be reading the nonsense that comes from this Tayali nuisance. And perhaps the UPND as a party should sort out this idiot by taking him to court for alleging the that UPND is a cult.That’s a serious allegation and Tayali should prove that in court. I know HH simply ignores the fool, but as a party you can deal with him.

  7. but whoever is sponsoring such a fool is also……, why not sponsoring a normal person whom we can believe at least 10%, not this one. they ve been in politics for quite a long time but they can’t tell who a political comedian is, let them continue dishing out money to such, enchito shashala pa zedie. money for real development is not there but for giving fools is there, “what a shame!”


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