JK writes………

Before I say anything, “I belong to the Patriotic Front PF party and I support ECL”.
The song circulating on social media was released in 2015 when Late President Michael CHILUFYA Sata died. UPND and his team contacted me through my friend Hamoba and we ran to the studio to produce the same campaign song. The offer for the song was US$10,000 and we agreed.

We used our money to pay the producer a named DJ and the song was released but it was kept waiting for the payment as we agreed.

Unfortunately, when we went to ask for the money so that we could give it to the public, Ruth Dante told us that the Party (UPND) was not aware of any deal with me JK and my friend Hamoba.

I remember that day at the UPND secretariat office, Ruth Dante and Edwin Lifwekelo never paid attention to us and we waited for almost 3 hours. Nobody attended to us not even considering the time we wasted and the effort we made.


Hamoba and I, left their offices around 16:00 and we agreed not give the song to their party neither to the public. The named DJ, decided to keep the CD of which we all agreed.

Let me tell the public that whoever has given the song to the public via the website has not contacted me, maybe my friend Hamoba can explain.


I belong to the Patriotic Front party and I am happy to be part of them.

President Edgar is my President and come 2021 I’ll vote for him.

Currently I, Yo Maps, Kayombo, Rich Bizzy and many more are underground to get the campaign song for the PF.

Finally, to my fellow PF guys I apologize for everything you have heard around the streets and get to know that;
Again and again!
See you!



  1. So ninsala waufwa ati PF fyoto PF Shani uko KABIYENI MUPOKEFYE TWALIMISHIBA elo ninsoni tamwakwata ba mushanina bwali imweh what a heartless citizen you are that you prefer you live good life with your wife and watch others starving

  2. Hey JK, what the hell are you talking about? Who cares whether you belong to Pornographic Party of thieves or not? Songs don’t win elections but voters win elections. It’s only stupid people like you who think your songs are a factor in winning elections. You will find yourself in shit after 12 August 2021. If your songs won PF elections in 2016 why did they carry out rigging. There will be no rigging this time around iwe Mwankole. Zambian economy is down on its knees and you’re busy praising your mediocre PF leadership. We shall see where you will sing from after 2021 because public funds will be safeguarded by prudent economic managers. Your godfather Edgar Lungu is spending public funds carelessly and stealing a lot of it to such an extent that the bank of Zambia has no reserves. As for you singing dununa reverse is priority. Stupid idiot JK.


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