… says President Hichilema should have used his speech to parliament to bring to life a cocktail of promises he made to the people of Zambia

Lusaka … Wednesday, September, 15, 2021 [Smart Eagles]

Patriotic Front party information and publicity chairman Hon. Raphael Mangani Nakacinda says President Hakainde Hichilema should realise that he is now the Head of State and should wake up from slumber.

Addressing the media in Lusaka, Hon. Nakachinda said President Hichilema should get down to work and start delivering on the campaign promises he made.

He said that now that the cabinet is complete and parliament opened, people’s expectations are very high.

And Hon. Nakachinda said President Hichilema’s did not have anything to tell the people of Zambia and the speech to parliament was a speech of wishes.

He said the Head of State should have used the day to bring to life the cocktail of promises he made prior to the August 12, general elections.

” Now that the Cabinet is complete and parliament is opened expectations are very high. I am shocked that the speech to parliament was full of repetition and difficult for stakeholders to follow. The speech never met expectations and will make it difficult for parliamentarians to debate,” Hon. Nakachinda said.

” The Head of State plagiarized former President Edgar Lungu’s speeches which he questioned that never carried directives but nothing has changed,” Hon. Nakachinda said.

” We expected the President to direct the minister of education to implement the free education as per promise,” he said.

And Hon. Nakachinda questioned the silence from the church following the abolition of Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance.

He said the church should defend the Christian values of the country.

” The silence from the church following the abolition of Ministry of Religious Affairs is worrying. Because of trying to seek for jobs and favor the clergy is quiet, the clergy need to defend the values of the country, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon. Nakachinda said the UPND will lose popularity at a supersonic speed because of lies and vengeance on perceived PF sympathizers.

He said the continued harrassment of PF members by the UPND should come to an end.

” The UPND should stop harassing bus drivers sympathetic to the PF. UPND will lose popularity at a supersonic speed because of the lies and vengeance, ” Hon. Nakachinda said.


  1. That is a very good wish Mr. Keep on dreaming those supersonic speeds. For many, recovery of stolen money has higher priority than free education. A government cannot just wake up and say there is free education from today or tomorrow. It may take a year, two years or more to implement it. What’s the fuss.

  2. UPND may lose popularity like any other party but this does not mean that PF will gain popularity. PF is on its way for liquidation and demise like UNIP and MMD. UNIP and MMD were more credible in Government compared to PF. I am sure that PF will not manage a single seat in Parliament in 2026. Very soon people will start leaving PF after the extent of plunder is revealed.

  3. Only a disorganized person or a lunatic doesn’t understand how transformation occurs. If president Mulyokela understand how change occurs and others don’t, it’s reason why things were so disorganized under the care of such people with HEAD KNOWLEDGE. Am enjoying peace just within a space of less than one month things are normal under president Hichilema. We thank God for making himself available to tje Zambians because we needed a focused leader and thank you to the Zambians for rejecting the VUVUZELAS.

  4. Well if that is the case then you as PF must be very happy that they are losing popularity. Why make a fuss over it? Do you want them to be more popular than you forever?

  5. On what basis is this man measuring this popularity he is talking about that UPND is losing, no wonder the PF lost the elections. Just because someone talks too much you make him information and publicity chairman. PF is the one losing popularity because of such utterances from its members

  6. Just a friendly comment. I would like to advise that it would be better if you used the analogy of a Microscope instead of Binoculars.

    My reason for this is that your perspective of issues will always be influenced by the equipment you use to see things. So to speak.

    For instance, binoculars is used to see which far up close. Using of naked eyes they very far . The difficulty here is the person using the equipment is always left far behind. Unless they have a habit of always looking over thier shoulders. I am not sure if this is what you want us to see of your position. I for one would want you to be up close and not perpertually far behind.

    A perception of this attitude is to always speak after the fact has happened. As can be understood from your message that you will make sure the current government does not divert from their promises. This is fine. But we would like you to also come up with alternatives which eventually can pass as law and progressive polices because they are good. And not only waiting for the success or failure of a promise of your opponent.

    I prefer using a Microscope to Binoculars because it speaks of the analysis and dissecting of small particles of a substance. So as an analogy in your case it would fit well as an equipment to be used in scrutinizing the plans of the current government and by this you can improve on them or make better suggestions. Or maybe you had a better explanation using Binoculars for this? I’m having a hard time understanding this.

    It should be appreciated that sometimes we reflect what we say. Continuously.

    My hope is that your political party will give checks and balances in the form of meaningful solutions even if it means that they will make the ruling government look good. This maturity in politics is what the voters are craving for.

  7. Nakachinda is afraid. They say the guilty ones are always afraid. But he should know that when you being probed for stealing, that is not persecution or retribution.
    And Nakachinda should tone down his vulgar language. Freedom of expression does not give you the right to disrespect and insult others. Be civil in the manner you talk. You must also know that you could be dragged to court by those you are attacking.


  9. Has UPND been popular at any one time? That’s the question to ask! They have never been popular and will never popular. A month after being sworn in there’s no sign of “Red” anywhere in the streets of Lusaka! That victory was by “P”! And Zambians will not allow that to happen again! It will not happen again! Actually right now PF is more popular than UPND!So just wait and see!

    • Go to the streets and shout Pabwato to see how popular you are.
      Only someone with paranoid personality disorder can give a government 3 weeks to change a system destroyed by pathetic thieves and unfortunately, there are many especially from pf cadres.

      • Frightening dullness. It’s not upnd members who voted for upnd, it’s zambians across the country, get that into your head . We are not here for popularity but to do the right thing and serve zambians cz at the end of the day those who voted for liberation will do it again. Those who want to come back to steal, bring back caderism, brutalise and kill citizens will vote for the pf. They benefitted and only them benefitted. Pf was more popular but it was removed from power and with the bar raised high, this fresh air we are enjoying, we will never allowed pf to come back with it’s toxicity. To have nakachinda in power and his pf will be to take Zambia back to low quality leadership.

  10. It’s actually power under control. Insecure people want to throw their weight around to show relevance. Just go to the inter-city bus station and see some changes around. Real power in action. Or maybe you haven’t seen this. It not about color dear friend. It’s about being in the seat to drive policy. I speak as a citizen just making an honest observation. It quite a change.

  11. Nakachinda is a chancer and failed politician who is living in self denial. President Hikainde Hichilema is an intelligent person who is stead and fixing the mess that was left by PF. Nakachinda you betrayed Dr. Nevers Mumba and Hon. Felix Mutati what morality and principles do have to talk about checks and balances. The party which has lost popularity and about to go into extinction is PF.

    PF a party of thieves and criminals who destroyed the economy by promoting corruption, tribalism, bribery, partisan civil service and thuggery. It is not you Nakachinda to tell the Government what to do because you are just afraid of the crimes you committed. All PF cadres who committed various atrocities will be brought before Courts of Law to face justice. In short Nakachinda shut up your mouth as your relevance as a politician has expired just go ku wire.


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