Government says it has received reports that the UPND is mobilising youths across the country in case it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema is summoned to answer queries on the riots that occurred on the Copperbelt on Monday.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says government is aware of the UPND schemes and has urged the opposition party and its leadership not to panic.

Mr. Kampyongo however says investigations in what caused the riot in Kitwe are still ongoing and that the Police command is on alert in case of any outbreak of violence.

He has told ZNBC news in an interview that when people are called for investigations no one should stand in the way.

And Mr. Kampyongo says he will on Friday issue a ministerial statement in parliament over the riots.

Mr Kampyongo has advised people that are bent on instigating hooliganism and trouble that they should be mindful of the fact that such activities led to xenophobia and genocide.


  1. what kampyongo should know is that their is a limit to which people can be pushed before they react, some react quickly some wait until they are pressed against the wall but as of now people’s patience has reached a level where PF has to be careful hence they bring out something that they will fail to quench, count yourselves against the masses, do you think that if the masses react you will be able to quell anything, you should be very careful what you do going forward because their is massive suffering in this country and that alone is receipt for danger, Saddam,Gadaffi, Mobutu, Amin, Zuma, Kaunda, Mugabe, all these were oppressive leaders who thought they had power in perpetuity, but when the time comes it comes with blessings from the most high, even in biblical stories we have once great leaders who latter went into oblivion some very shamefully, so what makes you so special that you should feel immortal in terms of your stupid leadership, time is knocking and very soon you shall be on your heels running in different directions, Gaddaffi hid in a ditch if you remember but he had many palaces. Saddam hid in a hole but he had many palaces, so you tumpyongo why should you think you are a special case???, learn from history and be humble.

  2. Useless! no wander Sata called his pf ministers useless. Now one of those ministers is a visionless president. What is disheartening is that after such a man declares that he has no vision for the country, normal people who call themselves patriots went ahead and voted for him. What a shame of a country!


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