[By Oliver Chisenga in Mansa]

HE UPND and NDC have resolved to seek legal redress to halt the February 13 by-election following their expulsion from Chilubi.

The two opposition leaders, Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba, have resolved to stop the Chilubi Constituency by-election owing to the uneven playing field when they met at a church service at Chimese Catholic Church in Mansa yesterday.

“We have agreed that we are going to take legal action to try and stop that election so that the playing field is leveled. We are going to take action, which will bring this thing to an end. President Edgar Lungu please behave like a President and be fair to every political party. We fought for this democracy and there is no way you can want to run this country like an extension of your own bedroom,”said Kambwili.

And Hichilema said the happenings in Chilubi were unacceptable in a country that calls itself Christian.

He said President Lungu did not live up to the biblical teachings.

Hichilema said President Lungu was not adding value to people’s lives but was taking away people’s fundamental constitutional human rights.

He said regrettably it was President Lungu and the PF leading in the breakdown of the rule of law.
Hichilema wondered what the ruling party expected citizens to do in reaction.

“He is actually abusing the police, the way the police behaved in Chilubi the last three days is unacceptable. Our programees were known to the police, both of us, UPND and NDC but the police stamped our programmes but immediately the PF saw our programmes they decided to take those days. Is that not looking for trouble?” Hichilema asked.

He urged citizens not to wait until they were affected individually. Hichilema said it was time for Zambians to come together and put an end to the PF tyranny.

He added that if Zambians don’t come together 2021 would be difficult and bloody.

Hichilema further asked the judicial system to be above board as they were the last recourse to bring law and order in the country.

“As we go to court they must conduct themselves in an impartial manner, a manner that will allow justice to prevail and bring normalcy in the country. The South African justice system has led the way, and most importantly next door here in Malawi. The Malawi judiciary conducted themselves correctly. Mukwai ndelomba abena Zambia isuleni amenso, isuleni amatwi (I’m asking you, Zambians, to open your eyes and ears); see what is happening. So let us work together as one team. My brother Kambwili, let us keep this team. Let’s keep the peace,” said Hichilema.

On Saturday, armed police hounded Kamwbili out of Chilubi. Hichilema was also told to leave Chilubi immediately.

Meanwhile, President Lungu and his PF campaign teams in the constituency campaigning for his candidate Mulenga Fube.

The seat fell vacant following the death of Rosario Fundanga.


  1. The hounding of CK from Chilubi was a stage managed operation and not real. When the PF prevented HH from campaigning in Chilubi, they realised also that people would see that they did not want someone from Southern Province to campaign in what they believe is their stronghold so a campaign by CK was staged and then stopped to make it appear as though all opposition parties are prevented from going into the area. Take from me CK is on the road back to PF and is only in the opposition camp to collect information.


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