UPND provincial chairmen say they are ready to be taken to Calvary with party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

They were speaking to journalists at the opposition party’s secretariat in Lusaka on Thursday afternoon last week.

Only the chairmen for Muchinga, Lusaka and Western provinces were absent at the media briefing but those who spoke did so collectively.

The chairmen present were Elisha Matambo (Copperbelt), Albert Chifita (Central), Paul Thole (Eastern), Billy Makwembo (Southern), Roy Mwansa (Luapula), Nathan Ilunga (Northern) and Colonel Glandson Katambi (North-Western).

They emphasised that the UPND membership could not accept a repeat of what transpired in 2017, arraigning Hichilema with “a trumped-up” treason case.

“If this [gassing] issue is a plan to take out Hakainde from the ballot paper, it will never happen. Nobody will allow that nonsense!” Matambo vowed.

“HH is popular among all the citizens; do you think he will sink so low and start harming the same voters he wants to rule? So, we are telling Sunday Chanda, GBM and all the PF people who are jumping like headless chickens to shut up.”

They wondered why whatever misfortune that happened in the country was linked to Hichilema.
“Every nonsense happening in the country is Hakainde! What type of hatred is this? Right now the most popular presidential candidate who people are set to vote for is president Hakainde Hichilema. You get it right!” Matambo said.

“If they take him to the Calvary, we are going with him to Calvary. We refuse to behave like the way Peter behaved, denying the Lord Jesus three times. We’ll never do that. We’ll start together and go all the way,” stressed Matambo.



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