By George Lemba
UPND has told the compromised Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to stop plans of deleting the old voters register.

And UPND through its Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the ECZ 30 days period to conduct voter registration from the initial 90 days has also been rejected.

Other important issues raised by the UPND SG include plans by the bogus ECZ to abnormally increase the filing of nominations fees.

Katuka says the fees are too high and a sign that this is not how a democratic country should be operating.

This is according to a letter picked by Koswe from ECZ drawers in Lusaka, Zambia.




  1. They should not be allowed to execute their evil ideas. We all know what they are trying to do and Zambians must not allow them.

  2. Enough is enough this time around we share not spare a stone un-turned. We will all be like Malawians and mind you time is running out and very soon is 2021.
    PF leadership learn from Malawi and make peace to all Zambians. Enough is enough no fear of a bullet and if you want to kill us as your hub of dealing with your opponents, we are ready to die like fools under you pride works of evil

  3. In the meantime all the missions abroad will all find money for all the diplomats to come home and register as voters in October even amidst the corona virus and come and vote in August 2021. the other people living abroad who have voters cards may not want to risk this, or even spend their own money to come and register and then come again to vote in 2021.
    Just what is wrong with the people at ECZ? Even if you want to disadvantage other political parties, this is too plain and people must be ashamed. As for the opposition, if you do not deal with this, you are as good as just boycotting the polls, you are gone.

  4. They hv made voter registration more expensive than it needs to be by re-registering those of us who are already registered. Wht’s the point? They want to start from scratch so that they claim that time is short. Only first-time voters and those who hv moved to different addresses since last elections need to re-register.

  5. Since the old register is available, the ECZ should by now be allowing people who were already registered to reconfirm their registration or to re-register in case they have moved to a new voting area. This will give more space and time for first time voters and youths to register as voters.
    The ECZ should open the existing voter register for review by all participating political parties and citizens. The ECZ should allow all those already registered to counter-check the validity of their being registered in the areas where they were registered to vote. At the same time, allow those already registered but who may have moved to other areas to re-register in the new areas where they will vote. The ECZ should extend the period for first-time voters to register as voters. This is the best way to secure that more eligible voters will be registered to vote in the 2021 elections.
    Independent judiciary, civil society activist and Zambian citizens should continue to pressure ECZ to seriously address the weak plan and execution strategies for voter registration in the country.


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