Mutale Nalumango


The opposition UPND has lamented the continued defection of their councillors saying that civic leaders were being tempted with money and job offers.

National chairperson Mutale Nalumango said the party would rectify the situation before the 2021 elections.
UPND has lost seven councillors to the PF in the aftermath of the 2016 elections.

“The demand for an aspiring candidate to possess a grade twelve certificate in order to contest the 2016 elections disadvantaged the UPND including the PF and other parties to find mature candidates to stand on the Party ticket,” Nalumango said.

And the UPND is resigned to losing more councillors to the PF citing economic reasons.
“It is not correct to create by-elections by offering money to Councillors, some of them were offered as much as 50,000 kwacha, I hear one Councilor was offered a Job as a Driver for a District Commissioner,” she said.

Nalumango however struck a confident posture despite the defections saying,”It will affect our party mobilization but it is not something that cannot be addressed, even me if I resign, it will be wishful thinking to think I cannot be replaced” the impact will be there but the UPND will overcome, we have many people to take the Party forward.”


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