Hon. Romeo Kangombe


The Kasama Magistrates’ Court has convicted UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe on a charge of assault but acquited him on the charge of abduction.
The court has reserved sentencing for Monday, April 12, 2021.

Mr Kang’ombe has since been remanded at Chinsali state correctional facility awaiting sentencing.

This is in a case where he stood charged with assaulting and abducting two police officers in Lavushimanda in October last year. -ZR


  1. Typical of animal farm.
    Patriotic Front Eastern Province Youth Chairperson Emmanuel J Banda, commonly known as Jay Jay and thugs not only assaulted Police officers but also robbed the Central Police station at gun point. Have they been brought before the courts of law? What about the pf thugs who murdered innocent Zambians during the gasing episodes? They are all free!
    Now just because Kangombe refused to stand for pf by elections, he has to be fixed.
    These are issues which are making the Zambians angry. Time will come when people will not hold themselves.

  2. We have to stand for kang’ombe. Nothing less of upnd victory in August elections should be accepted. All those murderers who murdered our members since PF came into power should be sending the end of times for them. You convict kang’ombe and leave out real criminals free. Zambia cannot be land where criminals freely roam the streets and the innocent get into jail. Very annoying.
    Viva kang’ombe
    Viva Sesheke people who eliminated PF through kang’ombe
    Viva UPND, it’s a matter of short time

  3. Was jay jay convicted and jailed?no no no….why….?animal farm.where did they see him abduct the cops?where did they see him beat up the cops?time is coming all those convicting and accusing innocent people shall account for their actions soon.we citizens are watching.jay jay is free let’s wait and hear the sentencing from the judge.


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