The Official Portrait for the incoming Head of State and Commander In-Chief of our Armed Forces, His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema. (Credit : John Kayesha)

By Staff Reporter

IT SEEMS the ‘ declaring of Hakainde Hichilema as duly elected Republican President’ has hit another drawback, the case has been adjourned to April in order for Attorney General Likando Kalaluka to ‘respond’ to the application of the UPND for Judge Mwila Chitabo to rescue himself from the case.

On Tuesday, Hakainde Hichilema and his vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba filled in a motion with the courts for High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo to rescue himself from handling their petition case on ground that he was a pro-PF stooge.

The UPND and it’s supporters have been longing for their petition case to be heard by courts with a belief that if this happened, the declaration of Lungu as winner of the 2016 elections by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) would be reversed and Hakainde would become the new Republican President.

The Commonwealth Secretariat representatives as well as other international organizations have been called upon to be present in the Court to observe the way the Zambian Judiciary is dispensing it’s Justice – the opposition has on countless times cried foul, that the PF government has connived with some judges in Judiciary to disadvantage it when it comes to Justice.

UPND believe, the disposing off, of their case on a 14 days technicality was a political calculation which disadvantaged them.

The opposition cites a number of Electoral flaws and frauds as done by the Patriotic Front party, such as the use of government monies by ministers to campaign when Parliament , from which Ministers are constituted on , was dissolved.

UPND also alleges a number of votes belonging to it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema were deducted such as the Kanyama incident were Maureen Mwanawasa found a lot of votes for HH in a bin.

Another issue is when the ECZ announced Edgar Lungu winning the Lundazi votes against HH more than the actual number of registered voters on the register.

Again, a Ugandan national was found in the ECZ saver room with the authority of Esau Chulu and Priscilla Issacs, apparently,to manipulate figures to favour PF against UPND.

The UPND consider PF an illegal government.



  1. Is this not what they call irresponsible reporting. There is no where written or mentioned that the hearing of the case will be on that date. What is true is the case to be taken to another Judge instead of Chitabo ,this is what the Attorney General was going to argue in April. There is a possibility that another date for hearing of the Petition will be determined thereafter. This circus will continue until next year. What type of misinformation is this.

    • The Media Is Not Fo Insults But Sharing Opinions It Seem Yo Pf Guys U Ar Th Most Dull Guys I Hav Nevr Seen, Our Intelligent President,focusd And Determind Togethr With His Counterpart Th Vice President Are Just Within Th Law To Exercise Their Right To Be Heard, Y Is Wrong With Tht Thnk Twice Guys Zambia Is Not Fo Pf Alone Yo State Alone But All Of Us.

  2. Be realistic and just get on with your intra-party which has so much to be desired. How can you have a life president in a party ?
    Egocentric Blood Thirsty Satanist owns the United Ponio Nio Dogs.
    He single handled picks the entire administration including his Madumbo Grade 4 Drop-out Chola Boy.

  3. Where in the world do courts of law install a president when another is in place. The worst that can happen for PF is for the courts to order another election which is unlikely and please stop fanning trouble by saying HH will be declared president, by who. Even if chitabo is removed, the same people HH is insulting will pick another judge, probably worse than chitabo they rejected. remember mazoka vs levy mwanawasa, the court just said yes votes were stolen but not enough to change the outcome of the election. just be realistic and plan for 2021 cause HH declaration, wont happen.

    • Who declared Lungu president? By law it was supposed to be the chief justice who failed to perform her duties in fear of visible irregularity and thuggery. So get it from there that his rule is illegal!

  4. You were saying 15th March, after seeing that the date has gone you are now pushing to April. Hehehehe.continue dreaming until 2021.besides it’s free to dream you don’t pay anything.

  5. You were saying 15th March, after seeing that the date has gone you are now pushing to April. Hehehehe.continue dreaming until 2021.besides it’s free to dream you don’t pay anything.

    • Ba Borniface Sichone our case is totally different. A winner was declared and inogurated,then the looser petitioned.give us an example where such a case was over turned…

    • Which law do u want to take it’s course Hector Mumbolomena???hasn’t the law already taken it’s course??so to you the law taking it’s course is when it rules in your favor???it is so shameful for you guys honestly.if the courts rule in your favor ati YES the due proccess of the law has taken it’s course.shud it rule in other pipo’s favor ati NO the judiciary is corrupt “the due proccess of the law did not take it’s course”

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  7. UPND have missed an opportunity to be heard in presence of international community. The international community would have got first hand information if truly our judges are compromized or not. My opinion, each side only needed to present facts before the jury. Chitabo is not a factor where evidence is overwheming. The application for another judge to preside over the case will keep the other party buying time and as such the whole issue becomes an academic exercise. Two sides must know that the country is at stand still. Investor confidence is eroding day by day. Can these people come to terms and possibly go for a re-run.


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